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Kickstarter Spotlight: Red Lance. Heroes with gender equality

Red Lanceby Gary Bloom

What’s Red Lance? New heroes for a new generation? A brand new comic book that doesn’t have footprints in the early 20th century? New world, new stories and new characters from Olympus Union creator Gary Bloom? I’ll take “All of the Above for $1000 Alex!”

Red Lance was initially inspired by the #wheresnatasha campaign, which begged the question: why is Black Widow so left out? That campaign left the Olympus Union creator to wonder what the world would hold for for his year old daughter. Enter Cinderhawk.

Red Lance flowed out of the creation of a single female character, Cinderhawk. ‘Hawk would be strong, confident, upbeat and powerful. Based on the personality and actual body type of a friend, this would be a character built as a hero – and not a sex symbol – from the very beginning. It wasn’t enough, however; there needed to be level intersection between men and women.

Expanding the concept, three other friends were pulled in as hero templates. The real life brother of Cinderhawk’s model became the template for her in-story brother, Bricker. A methodical and even-keeled friend became the template for speedster Raceway. Another woman agreed to step in as Stonefish, lending her martial arts background to inspire another strong female character.

The comic now hand a strong super team, but needed a special villain set. One, a brilliant technical mind, would be driven crazy by another, the villain maker. Armed with a psionic push and a desire for fomenting chaos, Vycia literally created Cataclysm from a lonley isolationist. As Red Lance moves forward, we’ll see more villains created by the sadistic with, whose sole joy is the pain of others.

The only way that this comic can come into play, however, is with the support of others. Pledging to a Kickstarter will help bring this unique storyling to fruition. Strong female characters without a need for re-imagining ages old heroines. A chase to stop a hellacious villain maker. A brand new take on powers – the Drenals – where powers are finite. Help make Red Lance happen. Go here and donate.

Red Lance 2



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