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Preview: Old Man Logan #19

Old Man Logan #19

(W) Jeff Lemire (A) Filipe Andrade (CA) Andrea Sorrentino
Parental Advisory
In Shops: Mar 08, 2017
SRP: $3.99


A failure from the past haunts LOGAN…and to correct his mistakes, he’ll need magical assistance. But when he faces opposition, Logan will turn to an unlikely – and potentially treacherous – ally! Will an encounter with MILES MORALES convince Logan to alter his path?

Preview: Old Man Logan #15

Old Man Logan #15

(W) Jeff Lemire (A) Filipe Andrade (CA) Andrea Sorrentino
Parental Advisory
In Shops: Dec 14, 2016
SRP: $3.99


It’s up to LOGAN and the greatest supernatural hero squad the world has ever seen, the HOWLING COMMANDOS, to stop DRACULA from a dastardly plot that endangers the whole world. But when JUBILEE is in trouble, can the Commandos trust Logan to make the tough calls?


Review: Old Man Logan #14

old_man_logan__14Old Man Logan #14 begins a new arc, Monster War, written by Jeff Lemire, with art by Filipe Andrade and colours by Jordie Bellaire that guest stars the Howling Commandos, and after the more gritty stories Lemire has told in the series so far this new arc looks to be a slightly new direction from the past issues as we didn’t get any flashback sequences – are they flashback sequences if they happen in the future? This is the question I shouldn’t ask as it’ll end up in a  time-traveling clusterfuck of confusion that

Regardless, this issue we get to see Old Man Logan interact with some characters that up until now we haven’t seen him have any knowledge of. While the typical “don’t call me Wolverine” line is said a couple of times, there’s something strangely refreshing about the way Old Man Logan handles the situation at hand; and a large part of it is that he’s too old to play games anymore.

The first issue in the new arc does exactly what you need it to do, and sets the story and tone for the next three to three to five issues, ending with a sequence that’ll have you wanting to return next issue to see what happens next (and how the seqence is resolved/weaseled out of). Artistically, Andrade’s style is perfectly suited for the more supernatural elements of this story, and with Bellaire still providing colours to Andrade’s black and white work, there’s a feeling of consistency across the series despite little things about the way our old hero is drawn.

It’s also worth pointing out the first time I read this comic from the review copy Marvel provided to Graphic Policy I wasn’t too fond of the art, but when I picked up the physical copy (Old Man Logan is the last Marvel comic I still pick up in physical form) the art popped, and seemed to translate better from a physical comic than when it was on the screen. Though that could just be the screen I read it on. Either way, this was an enjoyable comic that keeps the consistency of the series so far. It’s not a spectacular issue, but Old Man Logan #14 was good enough to hold my interest and get me excited about #15.

Story: Jeff Lemire Art: Filipe Andrade Colours: Jordie Bellaire
Story: 8 Art: 7.75 Overall: 8 Recommendation: Buy

Marvel provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review

Preview: Old Man Logan #14

Old Man Logan #14

(W) Jeff Lemire (A) Filipe Andrade (CA) Andrea Sorrentino
Parental Advisory
In Shops: Nov 30, 2016
SRP: $3.99


LOGAN will have to team up with the supernatural HOWLING COMMANDOS to unravel the mystery of why Jubilee has disappeared…but is he prepared for what this investigation will uncover? Follow the old man to ROMANIA and find out!


Review: All-New, All-Different Marvel Point One #1

all new all different marvel point one coverIn the aftermath of Secret Wars, it’s an All-New, All-Different Marvel Universe, and this is your one-stop entry point to the changes and mysteries that have developed during the eight months that have passed! Featuring new stories of Daredevil, Carnage, CLASSFIED, CLASSIFIED, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and Contest of Champions!

All-New, All-Different Marvel Point One #1 is an interesting comic in that it gives us a bit of a preview of some of the series we can expect as part of the All-New, All-Different relaunch, but also does a really good job explaining what their new series Contest of Champions is all about!

Some of the previous Marvel Point ones have been hit and missed, and with Secret Wars being many months from being wrapped up, what the new Marvel universe would be like is a pretty big mystery. This issue though uses some smart storytelling to give us an idea of how at least some of the new Marvel U fits together, and also a good taste as to what these new series will be like.

At the heart of the comic is the new series Contest of Champions which has the Maestro battling a opponents using villains and heroes to see who will control the remnants of Doom’s world he created in Secret Wars. We know that in the new Marvel U a multiverse exists, there’s multiple versions of characters, and that something survives the latest event with some individuals stuck in this world. It’s interesting and the concept takes a series that was low on my radar and immediately boosts it up a bunch of spots. The comic feels like a video game where you select your characters to battle. The ones shown so far are… intriguing.

While Maestro looks for his team to battle, we get a glimpse of the various new series launching over the next few months, in rather short stories that do more than enough to wet our appetites as to the look and feel of the series. That’s the good and the bad of it all. The stories are teases, a first chapter, so nothing is really a full complete story. That’s why I can’t quite recommend this as a buy, but it’s very entertaining, and a solid pick-up for someone interested in seeing what the new Marvel U might be like and get a look at six of the 60+ new series coming out.

I don’t want to spoil all the stories within (the teaser text did say classified, so I’m not ruining it), but of the ones mentioned above, Carnage sounds very intriguing with the character running around America doing his usual serial killer thing and an interesting character charged with stopping him. From the small preview, it feels much more like Silence of the Lambs than a superhero comic. Very interesting.

Daredevil too is interesting, featuring a new character who should get a lot of folks talking. There’s some terminology that made me cringe, but I trust writer Charles Soule’s real world experience to know what folks would actually use (illegal vs undocumented).

And there’s the return of REDACTED!

Overall, the comic got me much more enthused about the series within. There’s a nice mix of look and tone within the comic, and it seems to do the job it’s intended to do, get someone interested in what’s coming. Overall, if you’re interested in getting an idea of what to expect for the six series within, or the Marvel U as a whole, this is one you’ll want to pick up when you’re at the comic shop this week.

Story: Marc Guggenheim, Al Ewing, Skottie Young, Charles Soule
Art: German Peralta, Mike Perkins, Filipe Andrade, Ron Garney, Stefano Caselli, Paco Medina
Story: 8 Art: 8 Overall: 8 Recommendation: Read

Marvel provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review

Image Comics Brings Bitch Planet to Local Comic Shop Day

Bitch Planet Vol. 1ComicsPRO, the trade association of storefront comic book specialty retailers, and Image Comics have announced support of Local Comic Shop Day participating retailers with the first hardcover collection of Bitch Planet.

Written by Kelly Sue DeConnick with art by Valentine De Landro, Bitch Planet takes place in a dystopian reality where non-compliant women are jailed in an off-planet prison. The LCSD hardcover edition features cover art by Filipe Andrade and is limited to 750 copies. It collects the first five issues of the series.

Local Comic Shop Day is a new event focusing on locally owned independent comic book specialty stores and their role in shaping the pop culture market. The first Local Comic Shop Day will be Saturday, November 28, two days after Thanksgiving and coinciding with American Express’ “Small Business Saturday” event.

On Local Comic Shop Day, participating retailers will have exclusive, and in some cases, limited items debuting from supporting publishers. The goal of Local Comic Shop Day is to jump start the holiday buying season for storefront comics specialty retailers by giving comics fans more of what they most desire.

Retailer registration for the event is ongoing until October 1 and you can find more details online.

Review: Siege #3

Siege3The last 2 issues have led to this….the Ultron Perfection has come to tear down the Shield, the wall that protects Battleworld from the zombies and robots that want to lay waste to the planet.  And leading the charge against Abigail Brand is her old colleague, now part of the Perfection himself…Nick the Fury.

We open to a chaotic scene as the forces of the Shield rush headlong into battle to protect the wall from Ultron’s forces, and The Fury leading the attack.  The Endless Summers are having little effect against the horde, and Abigail pulls them back as Kang tells her that he is not able to access the timestream to help in the battle.  Abigail goes back to the robots she is holding prisoner, who warned of the coming battle, to see if they have any information to help in the battle.  It is revealed that the ‘prisoners’ actually enjoy being together in their cell, as they are in love and get to spend every day together.  Abigail is happy for them, but points out they are now going to die together, when the robots reveal they have a hidden ability…they are able to talk to robots; technohacking they call it.  They are willing to risk their lives to save the peace they have found together.

Nick the Fury is easily taking down the meager forces of the Shield, Ms. America and Katherine Bishop giving all they can, but to little effect.  One of the robots arrives on the scene, and “tells” The Fury to aim his gun at his head and shoot…which he does, seemingly taking him down.  Much to everyone’s disappointment, The Fury gets up and destroys the robot.  The second one goes out, now prepared for a suicide run after losing their love, and instructs The Fury to hold Kangs hand, who appears behind him and pulls the Fury into the timestream.  While there, Kang directs the Fury to hit the chronomines that are set up throughout the timestream, making it extremely difficult to navigate time travel.  Given this chance, Abigail does her best to rally the troops she has left…when suddenly help arrives in the form of Magik and her lover, Leah of Hel, riding the back of a giant Colossus and leading a demon horde into battle against the Perfection.  This quickly turns the tide and the invading forces are defeated.  Abigail welcomes Magik and Leah back to the Shield, but the two of them inform her they only returned to help her out…and leave once again, back to their place in the badlands.  Kang emerges from the timestream, with a now destroyed Nick the Fury…and both receive applause from a newly arrived guest….Thanos.  He tells them he has arrived to talk, and surrenders.

This was a really fun issue, finally seeing the battle that has been threatened to come since issue 1.  Everything happens fast, and the battle scenes are really great to see (especially the splash page of a pride of “kitties” attacking, along with a giant Lockheed).  What I really enjoyed the most about this issue was seeing this group of characters come together and work as a team.  Kang, who has hinted at having his own agenda, steps up and is integral to the defeat of The Fury; the robots, now revealing their true intentions, sacrificing their love to see it possible to continue; and the Endless Summers are treated more then just cannon fodder, but as valued members of the Shield.  Kieron Gillen has definitely kept the momentum of this book going, bringing us a great story of battle and, for the day at least, a victory.  He’s shown that these characters really are more then prisoners assigned to protect the Shield, but a team that have come to rely on each other.  Filipe Andrade’s art is still on point in this book, conveying the franticness of the battle and the elation of the victory.  Also, the double page spreads of the battle really bring the heat of battle to life, thanks to Julian Totino Tedesco, Juan Jose Ryp, Andy Troy, Michael Wm. Kaluta and Rachelle Rosenberg.

Overall, I have really enjoyed this Secret Wars tie in, and this issue did not disappoint. This is still very much an Abigail Brand book, but I really liked seeing more of the other characters and how they all came together to defend the Shield.  And now that Thanos has arrived, as foretold from the beginning, I can’t wait to see what this means for Abigail and the wall.

Story: Kieron Gillen Art: Filipe Andrade
Story: 8 Art: 9 Overall: 8.5  Recommendation: Buy

Review: Siege #2

Siege2“There is no win here.  We just can’t fail” – Abigail Brand

These words from issue one ring even truer here in issue two as we see how the individuals who were sentenced to protecting The Shield, the planet long wall designed to protect Battleworld from the robot, zombie and annihilating hordes that would consume the planet, step into the front lines to defend the wall with their very lives, but ultimately know they will not win the war.

Leah has made the decision, against Abigail’s protests, to head out into the Deadlands in search of Thanos, the figure who they have been warned about who will bring about the fall of The Shield and ultimately the planet.  But Leah is also hoping to find her lost love, Ilyanna Rasputin, who has not been seen in some time since going out to defend the wall.

Fifteen days pass and Leah doesn’t return to The Shield.  Ready to take up her place as commander of the Hel Rangers, Kang proclaims he is ready, and more suited, to take up the newly vacant position.  Noticeably shaken by the seeming loss of Leah, Abigail orders one of the Summers to hand her gun…which she more then willingly points at Kang.  Summers stops her from following through, which to Kang, shows him how soft Abigail is. Summers enlightens Kang just how wrong he is, when they are alerted that Leonardo da Vinci has come across information regarding Thanos.  It seems there are many who fit the name Thanos on Battleworld, but the one that Leonardo says fits more closely to who they are looking for, is a Thanos spending his time trying to assemble some sort of glove.  Not knowing where to go next, Abigail decides to question two robots; defectors from Ultron, who are know prisoners of The Shield, but also able to access information from across the planet.   Abigail doesn’t fully trust the robots, but gives them permission to reach out and find what they can.  At that moment, they are alerted to an army that is headed straight for the wall…and was dispatched the moment the robots went looking for information.  Abigail accuses them of setting the attack up, but they vehemently deny any traitorous actions on their part.  Abigail quickly assembles her force and they prepare to engage….when Abigail finds out that a face from her past is leading the charge against them.

This book is so different in tone from any other from the Secret War tie ins.  We are seeing characters who know that their fight will never lead to a victory, and yet they go on, throwing themselves into battles that may very well be their last.  This issue gives us a deeper look into some of the characters.  Leah and Abigail’s friendship, and Abigail’s loss when Leah does not return; Kang wanting to serve his own intentions and agendas, despite the impending doom; and the Summers clones who give their all to the cause, but understand how disposable they really are.  We are given some small, lighter moments, with Lady Katherine charging in, stating to not be scared of the oncoming battle.  America quickly reminds her that she is a one-time hero, who will go down in battle and not be seen again; but reassures her that she will not be left behind.

Kieron Gillen again brings us a great story, really focussing on the characters and showing us what it means to endure loss on the wall.  Filipe Andrade‘s art definitely fits the tone of this story, along with darker shades and colours used throughout.  Again, we get flashbacks of past battles through beautiful splash pages provided by guest artists Yasmine Putri, Kyle Strahm, Jesus Aburtov and In-Hyuk Lee, which help us see what Abigail has gone through to make her the wall commander she is today.

Overall, I am really enjoying the story being told in this book.  There is no happy ending to look forward to, and I’m ok with that. This is a tale of a group of people who wake up every day knowing it could be their last, but wake up anyway to face it.  They can’t win…but also can’t fail.

Story: Kieron Gillen Art: Filipe Andrade (and guest artists)
Art: 8 Story: 9 Overall: 8.5 Recommendation: Read

Review: Siege #1

SiegeIf the title of this book has you thinking this is a new region of Battleworld where the Siege of Asgard plays out daily, with a new and different cast of characters…you would be wrong. With Secret Wars giving us new tie in books weekly, this title is not a re-envisioned look at characters and events, but rather a story taking place that could have dire consequences for all of Battleworld.

From an opening flashback. we’re introduced to Abigail Brand, who is in charge of The Shield, a 200+ foot wall that stretches across the entire planet, protecting all of Battleworld from the dangerous Deadlands and the various threats that dwell there. Brand is awakened by her second in command, Leah (who calls herself a shieldmaiden) and alerted to a threat that the forces of The Shield must prepare for.  Anyone who is a fan of Abigail will see that she hasn’t lost her wit and sarcasm in this new world, and she quickly takes charge and begins preparing for the coming threat.

Called together to execute Abigail’s plan, we are introduced to a very eclectic assembly of heroes to take up the fight; Leah the shieldmaiden, Leonardo Da Vinci , Lady Katherine of Bishop, Ms. America, Kang the Conqueror and the Endless Summers (what appears to be a large squadron of what I’m guessing are clones of Scott ‘Cyclops’ Summers).  We see Abigail interacting with the various members of this team, and through past entries of her ‘battle journal’ we see the various threats that have faced The Shield and how she has dealt with them. Kang questions Abigail’s ability to effectively led The Shield to victory, and with her smart mouth and straight to the point attitude, she points out that there is never victory on The Shield, they just can’t fail. Just then, another Kang warps in through a time field, badly injured he gives Abigail a dire warning before dying and disappearing in another temporal shift.

I didn’t really know what to expect when jumping into this book, but I am so glad that I did. I have always been a fan of Abigail Brand, and I was glad to see she was the same as I remembered her; smart mouth, fiery temper and ready to jump head first into action. I really enjoyed the cast of characters brought together for this story, seeing just how different they all are and how they interact.  For the most part, they are all battle ready and grim, no doubt from their time on The Shield, but Lady Katherine and Ms. America were a brief breath of fresh air, bringing in a youthful, optimistic view of the coming battle.  Kieron Gillen does a fantastic job of weaving this story, bringing the seriousness and dire tone to the situation, but as mentioned, able to break it up with a few lighter moments through characters.  I didn’t mind Filipe Andrade’s art, though I found his characters were drawn with sharp, hard angles. I also found that the colours seemed to be muddy throughout (although, the guest artists who contributed to the splash pages of past battles did a good job, brightening up the pages with their work).  An argument could be made that the sharp style and muddy colouring added to the tone of the story, but it definitely didn’t wow me or stand out.

Overall, I was thoroughly satisfied with this story, and I can’t wait for the next issue. I love the characters and want to see more from them, and the warning of what’s to come has me eagerly anticipating the continuation of the story and see how this band of heroes come together to face it.

Story: Kieron Gillen Art: Filipe Andrade
Story: 9 Art: 7 Overall: 8.5 Recommendation: Read 

Preview: Suicide Risk Vol. 4 TP

Suicide Risk Vol. 4 TP

Author: Mike Carey
Artists: Elena Casagrande & Filipe Andrade

Mike Carey (Lucifer, The Unwritten) and fan-favorite artist Elena Casagrande (Hulk, Hack/Slash) continue the mysterious superhero world of Suicide Risk with this critically acclaimed fourth arc, which also includes the celebrated standalone story illustrated by spotlight artist Filipe Andrade (Captain Marvel, Avengers). Requiem is in full control now, and Tracey, Danny, and Suni must find a way to survive the vengeful god parading around in Leo Winters’ body. He has his own plans and has been thwarted before, but this time Requiem won’t let something as simple as family get in his way… Collects issues #14-17.


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