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Around the Tubes

The weekend is almost here and it is a long one! I’ll be spending it relaxing as well as checking out the NOVA Open game convention. Expect some coverage of that along with more from Gen Con and even San Diego Comic-Con!

Around the Tubes

CBLDF – Barefoot Gen Ban LiftedThis is a good thing.

Bleeding Cool – Marvel And Disney’s Big Hero 6 To Feature The Teen-Speak Stylings Of Easy A’s Bert V. RoyalCan’t wait for this movie.

ICv2 – Batman vs. Superman’ Will Be Filmed in Michigan Detroit is the bombed out Metropolis?

CBR – Elder & Archer Bring “Scribblenauts Unmasked” To DC Digital ComicsCould be the first digital series I get hooked on?


Around the Tubes Reviews

Comic Vine – American Vampire Anthology #1

CBR – Angel & Faith #25

Comic Vine – Batman/Superman #3

Talking Comics – Batman/Superman #3

Comic Vine – Captain America #10

Talking Comics – Captain Marvel #15

Comic Vine – Deadpool #15

Comic Vine – FF #11

Comic Vine – The Flash #23

Comic Vine – Itty Bitty Hellboy #1

Crave Online – Justice League #23

CBR – Justice League #23

Comic Vine – Lazarus #3

Comic Vine – Scarlet Spider #21

Talking Comics – Station to Station

Comic Vine – Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #25

ICv2 – Tiger & Bunny Comic Anthology Vol. 1 TP

Comic Vine – Uncanny X-Men #11

Around the Tubes

The weekend is almost here and we have lined up a lot of reviews over the next few days! What’s everyone doing this weekend? Who’s excited for 2 Guns which opens this weekend?

Around the Tubes

Bleeding Cool – Batman #1 CGC 9.2 Highest Graded Copy Sells For $567,625 (And The Strange Story Behind It) – Huh.

MTV Geek – Bronies Infiltrate The U.S. Air Force! – Ok then.
Around the Tubes Reviews

Comic Vine – 3 Guns #1

CBR – Batman Incorporated #13

The Beat – The Bunker

Comic Vine – Captain Midnight #1

Comic Vine – Collider #1

Talking Comics – Collider #1

Comic Vine – FF #10

Talking Comics – FF #10

Comic Vine – Liberator #2

ICv2 – The Lost Boy

Comic Vine – Morning Glories #29

Comic Vine – Uncanny X-Men #9

Comic Vine – Wolverine: Japan’s Most Wanted #4

Listen to Last Night’s Graphic Policy Radio Archive With Guest Emma Houxbois

Last night was a fantastic episode of Graphic Policy Radio with guest Emma Houxbois. We covered a hell of a lot ranging in discussion from Sailor Moon and Manga to FF and the representation of various groups in comics. We pondered Matt Fraction‘s writing ability and how the last issue of Hawkeye was influenced by Will Eisner. It was a fantastic show which covered a lot of ground and one where everyone can learn something new.

Graphic Policy Radio With Guest Emma Houxbois this Monday!

GP Radio pic MondayIt’s Monday night and that means a new episode of Graphic Policy Radio which mixes comic, geekdom and politics! This show airs live at 1opm EST. This week we add a third to the show, guest Emma Houxbois.

Emma is a queer blogger for hire out of Vancouver, BC most recently attached to Girls Read Comics.

We’ll be talking Matt Fraction‘s FF and his inclusion within its writing and his evolution as a writer. We’ll also be chatting general comic geekdom.

We want to hear from you, so listen live and chat with us by calling in, (619) 768-2952, or chatting with us on Twitter, @graphicpolicy.

So join us LIVE and get your fill of comic geekdom.

Around the Tubes

The weekend is almost here and it gets closer to Free Comic Book Day! What are folks up to this weekend?

Around the Tubes

Spinoff Online – Whedon Suggests Avengers 2 Will Feature Quicksilver, Scarlet WitchHm.

Comics Alliance – Guillermo Del Toro To Bring ‘Monster’ Manga To HBOThis will be amazing.

The Hollywood Reporter – ‘Peter Panzerfaust’ Producer Options ‘Hoax Hunters’ Comic Could be a great movie.

Collider – Fox Will Have to Replace 50% of Their Outdoor Campaign for THE WOLVERINE Due to Theft Wonder if they’ll prosecute as badly as people who steal movies?

Publisher’s Weekly – Digital Comics Are Getting Cheaper What about print?


Around the Tubes Reviews

CBR – Batman Incorporated #10

Comic Vine – Deadpool #8

Comic Vine – FF #6

Comic Vine – The Flash #19

Comic Vine – I, Vampire #19

Crave Online – Jupiter’s Legacy #1

Comic Vine – Morning Glories #26

The Spectrum – Saga Vol. 1

Comic Vine – Scarlet Spider #16

CBR – Uncanny Avengers #7

Around the Tubes

The weekend is almost here. I’m spending it doing touristy stuff with some incoming guests, how are you spending it? And remember we have tons of geeky things as far as tv goes. There’s Doctor Who, The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones! Good times to be a geek.

Around the Tubes Reviews

ComicsAlliance – B.P.R.D.: Vampire #1

Comicvine – The Black Bat #1

ComicsAlliance – East of West #1

Comicvine – East of West #1

Comicvine – Fatale #13

Comicvine – FF #5

Comicvine – Five Weapons #2

Comicvine – The Flash #18

Comicvine – The Green Hornet #1

Comicvine – Justice League Dark #18

Comicvine – Superman #18

The Beat – Time Warp #1

Comicvine – Uncanny X-Force #3

Around the Tubes

The weekend is almost here, yay!

Around the Tubes

IGN – Whedon Comments on a Hulk Solo Movie I liked the Norton movie.

Bleeding Cool – Halle Berry Says She’s Almost Certainly Back For More Storm In X-Men: Days Of Future Past Anyone not returning is the bigger question.

Reason – How the Government Turned Comic Books Into Propaganda An interesting read.


Around the Tubes Reviews

CBR – Aquaman #17

CBR – Batman Incorporated #8

ICv2 – Beer Makes Daddy Strong

Talking Comics – Doctor Who: Prisoners of Time #2

Talking Comics – FF #4

ComicsAlliance – Five Weapons #1

The Beat – Guardians of the Galaxy #0.1

ICv2 – Wine Makes Mommy Clever

Talking Comics – Young Avengers #2

Review – Marvel NOW! Avengers #1, FF #1 and Thunderbolts #1

Avengers #1

Avengers_1_CoverI’ll start off all the reviews by saying for the most part I think Marvel NOW! is ho-hum. More of the same, but shuffling the chairs on the deck. If you wanted to know what I was looking for in these reboots/revamps/reboots, this is the comic. Avengers #1 from a solid team is the story and art I want in a comic. Holy shit is it a good first issue and one you should absolutely pick up.

The comic starts with Tony Stark coming to Steve Rogers with his idea about the Avengers. The need to go bigger to take on a big threat over the horizon. There’s lots of hints as to what’s coming and right away a small team goes up against some big baddies winding up right where that first issue should be. A large, huge team at the end waiting to kick-ass. that’s not a spoiler as everyone has said this book will have a big cast, this is the big team book. There’s also a great mix at the end with quite a few characters I couldn’t name.

The story, and how it plays out, is fantastic with sharp writing, pacing and the order of the scenes. It’s a team gathering story, but laid out in a much better way than the usual, show up and recruit the individual, you can read Thunderbolts for that. Instead, we’re thrown into the action and given some big ominous event to look forward to. The art of Opena too is amazing. This should be Marvel’s top book and it meets that high expectation, story, look, everything.

You want to know how good Marvel NOW! should be? This is the book you can judge all others by. The best debut so far of the bunch.

Story: Jonthan Hickman Art: Jerome Opena

Story: 8.75 Art: 8.75 Overall: 8.75 Recommendation: Buy

FF #1

FF_1_CoverFF was a comic I knew going into would be offbeat and a bit odd. Allred’s unique art-style was the tip-off to that. The story in the first issue plays off well from Fantastic Four #1 and it helps to have read that comic. With the Fantastic Four’s impending trip, they feel the need to put together a new FF team just in case something happens and the original FF don’t return in the four minutes they’ll be gone.

Yes, that’s right, this new FF team is being put together because something might happen in the four minutes the original FF might be gone. We all know the original FF will be gone for longer than four minutes, so it’s all a bit goofy really.

But, here, we get to meet the kids the make up the Future Foundation, perfect for new readers and each new member is recruited. It’s written for new readers, attempting to introduce them to characters they might not know. It’s all decent, but other than that, there’s not much in this first issue. It’s all set-up, which is fine, but having read Fantastic Four #1, there’s even less for me to read that feels new.

It’s just a first issue though and while the story might not be totally exciting, Michael Allred’s art is amazing. For that alone, the comic is worth checking out. He brings his usual style in what I’m sure will be the quirkiest comic in Marvel NOW!.

Story: Matt Fraction Art: Michael Allred

Story: 7.25 Art: 8.25 Overall: 7.75 Recommendation: Read

Thunderbolts #1

Thunderbolts_01_CoverRed Hulk, Elektra, Venom, Punisher and Deadpool, this new Thunderbolts team should be amazing. This first issue should have been full of kick-ass moments showing the down and dirty side of the Marvel Universe. Instead we get General Ross recruiting each member, who is embroiled in bizarre situations, making you wonder more why he’s talking to them in these situations and how Ross got there.

This is the “recruitment” comic I was referring to. Not much thought put into it, just discussion and an offer being extended. Yawn.

What should and could have been an explosive first issue, instead makes me want to blow it up with explosives. It’s not exciting, and is so cookie cutter in it’s execution it’s painful to read.

There’s really not much else to say. Steve Dillon’s art is exactly what I’d expect from his numerous runs with Garth Ennis on various comics.

Overall, crossing my fingers the second issue is an improvement, but really, it’s kind of hard not to be.

Story: Daniel Way Art: Steve Dillon

Story: 6 Art: 7.75 Overall: 6.5 Recommendation: Pass

Around the Tubes

It was new comic book day yesterday. What did folks get? If you didn’t go, what are you getting this weekend?

Around the Tubes

Bleeding Cool – Guardians Of The Galaxy – Five Actors Testing For Role Of Peter Quill, StarlordI could get behind that pick.

The Mary Sue – So Here’s the Slut-Shaming, Homophobic Post on Superheroes by… the Director of Guardians of the Galaxy – And then there’s this.


Around the Tubes Reviews

IGN – All-New X-Men #2

CBR – All-New X-Men #2

IGN – Arrow #1

IGN – Avengers vs. X-Men Hardcover

IGN – FF #1

Examiner – Morning Glories #23

Comics Alliance – My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic #1

Complex – Review: “Chew” Pulls Off One Of The Most Shocking Twists Of The Year

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