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Tomorrow is new comic book day! What’s everyone getting?

Around the Tubes

MTV Geek – Op-Ed: Why The Archaia/Boom Merger Might Work Out Well For EveryoneIt’s a good thing folks.

CBR – Dan Vado Discusses the Future of SLG Publishing A good read and great company to support.

Spinoff Online – Deadpool is ‘Like the Worst Relationship I’ve Ever Had,’ Says Ryan ReynoldsI want this movie with Reynolds!!!

Stash My Comics – Geek Cinema: Confessions of a Terrible Critic An interesting a funny read.

Deadline – Lakeshore Acquires Movie Rights To Graphic Novel ‘The Sword’I’m waiting for the complete bottom of the barrel to be optioned.

The Beat – Dragon*Con officially splits with accused molester Ed Kramer — UPDATED About time.


Around the Tubes Reviews

CBR – Earth 2 #14

Superman Helps Batman Propose to Batgirl

[vodpod id=Video.16530151&w=425&h=350&fv=]

Actor Dean Cain who infamously played Superman on Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman helped cosplayer Ruby Rinekso propose to his girlfriend Jennifer Haviland at Dragon*Con during the DC Comics Characters Photo Shoot. Rineski was going to be dressed as 19060s Batman while Haviland would be cosplaying Batgirl from the same series. Watch and smile.

Around the Tubes

So, new comic book day was yesterday, what did folks get? And, for those who haven’t gone yet, what are you getting this weekend if you go?

Around the Blogs:

The Beat – Elfquest is back…at Boing-BoingPretty cool.

The Beat – Inappropriate touching and stalking roundup -What the hell is wrong with people?!

The Beat – Dragon*Con founder once again facing sex charges -See above comment.


Around the Tubes Reviews:

ICv2 – The Underwater Welder

MTV Geek – DC Zero Month, Week One Reviews: ‘Detective Comics’, ‘Dial H,’ ‘Earth 2,’ and ‘G.I. Combat’

MTV Geek – DC Zero Month, Week One Reviews: ‘Action Comics,’ ‘Animal Man’, and ‘Batwing’

Complex – Review: “Planet Of The Apes: Cataclysm” Gives New Life To The Classic Franchise

Big City Comics Studio Heads to Dragon*Con 2012

Making its return to Dragon*Con, Big City Comics Studio is proud to debut their newest book, Whore, as well as hold daily contests and giveaways.

Located at the Marriott Hotel’s Imperial Ballroom Exhibit Hall Booth #1101, Big City Comics Studios will be selling copies of their upcoming graphic novel, Whore, as well as giving away FREE posters, fans and beanie bags. In addition, Big City Comics is asking fans “How big of a WHORE are you?” Located at their booth will be a 6 foot tall cage and if any fan is willing to sit inside the cage for 20 minutes, they will receive a FREE Whore t-shirt.

Jeffrey Kaufman will also be part of the Match Game in the 25th Century panel, hosted by Buck Rogers star, Gil Gerard, at 8:30 P.M. on Saturday, September 1st, in room A601 at the Marriott Hotel.

Dragon*Con runs from August 31st to September 3rd in Atlanta, GA.

Around the Tubes

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After a great night hanging out the the BOOM! crew, Roger Langridge and Garry from The Laughing Ogre it’s off to the Small Press Expo.  Expect some coverage throughout the day through tweets and of course posts and photos after.  Until then, here’s the news you might have missed.

Around the Blogs:

Bleeding Cool – Grant Morrison Responds To GD-Gate – To this I say, god dammit.

Con Coverage:

MTV Geek – Back To The Future With Christopher Lloyd At Dragon-Con

MTV Geek – Dragon-Con 2011: Anatomy Of A Cosplayer

The Beat – Giant SPX Who’s where and what — WOW

The Beat – Nerds Nerds Nerds at SPX 2011

Around the Tubes Reviews:

CBR – Batwing #1

CBR – Punisher #3

MTV Geek – New 52 Review: Green Arrow #1, Justice League International #1, Hawk & Dove #1, and O.M.A.C. #1

MTV Geek – New 52 Review: Batgirl #1, Men of War #1, Stormwatch #1, Static Shock #1, and Batwing #1

MTV Geek – New 52 Review: ‘Detective Comics’ #1 Is The Batman Joker Fight We’ve Been Waiting For

The Mary Sue – New 52 in Review: Week 1

Comics Alliance – ComicsAlliance Reviews Every Comic in DC’s ‘New 52’: Week 1

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The weekend is here and that means Roger Langridge at Big Planet Comics in Vienna, VA later today and the Small Press Expo this weekend!  While you get excited for all of that, here’s the news you might have missed.

Around the Blogs:

Bleeding Cool – North Carolina Comic Shop To Boycott Action ComicsSuperman fighting god is ok, but Superman saying “GD,” not so much.

Bleeding Cool – Was This The Least Appropriate Comic For 9/11 Week? – Interesting….

Con Coverage:

MTV Geek – Elvira Haunts Dragon-Con

CBLDF – Craig Thompson Talks SPX and Habibi

MTV Geek –Dragon-Con 2011: Movie and TV Cosplay!

The Beat – SPX: Finally someone does right by the women

The Mary Sue – Only at A Con: Daft Steam Punk Professor X

Around the Tubes Reviews:

MTV Geek – Action Comics #1

MTV Geek – Animal Man #1

CBR – Batgirl #1

The Mary Sue – Batgirl #1

IGN – Comic Book Reviews for 9/7/11

Around the Tubes

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From the buzz online it seems the DC comic reboot is working with reports of lots of sellouts and rationing of comics.  Did you get to your local shop and pick up some of the new books?  Anything good?  Here’s the news while you think about that.

Around the Blogs:

Death and Taxes – 9/11 Truther Comic ‘The Big Lie’ is About More Than 9/11 (Interview)I’ve never had a comic make me more angry.

Huffington Post – Interview: Judd Winick Talks Batwing, a New Batman Comic Set in AfricaThis is one of the DC new series I most look forward to.

Rap Ireland – B.o.B To Feature In Clothing Brand AKOO’s Graphic Novel! – Any spotlight on comic books is good.

Con Coverage:

MTV Geek – Dragon-Con 2011: Actress Virginia Hey Goes On The ‘Warrior’ Path

MTV Geek – Dragon-Con 2011: Taking Tokyo With Magic The Gathering Creator Richard Garfield

MTV Geek – Atlanta Comic Book Artists Converge At Dragon-Con

Washington City Paper – Meet an SPX Cartoonist: An Interview With Craig Thompson

Fantagraphics Book – SPXplosion!

Around the Tubes Reviews:

IGN – Action Comics #1

IGN – Detective Comics #1

CBR – Detective Comics #1

CBR – Swamp Thing #1

Wired – The Big Lie #1

Around the Tubes

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It’s Wednesday and today is the first big drop of books for DC comics.  Are you as excited as we are and hitting the shop?  What is everyone picking up?  While you think about that, here’s the news you might have missed.

Around the Blogs:

Bleeding Cool – Stolen Faster Than A Speeding Bullet – If you see any suspicious Superman comics from the St. Louis area, please report it to police.

Con Coverage:

Comicsgirl – Small Press Expo 2011: A Survival Guide

MTV Geek – Dragon-Con: MTV Geek Interviews Animation Legend Ralph Bakshi

CBLDF – SPX 11: Jeff Alexander Memorial Auction Preview

MTV Geek – Battlestar Galactica Actor Richard Hatch Geeks Out At Dragon-Con

MTV Geek – DragonCon 2011: What’s Your Game?

MTV Geek – ‘Ghost Hunters’ Scare Up Panel Discussion At Dragon-Con

MTV Geek – DragonCon 2011: Spotlight On RPG Legend Monte Cook!

Around the Tubes Reviews:

IGN – Casanova: Avaritia #1

CBR – Casanova: Avaritia #1

MTV Geek – Casanova Avaritia #1

Now Read This – Hearts of Africa

CBR – New Avengers Annual #1

MTV Geek – New Avengers Annual #1

IGN – New Avengers Annual #1

The Beat – Review: The New 52 so far by Paul Nomad

MTV Geek – Dark Horse Advance Review: Joss Whedon’s Buffy The Vampire Slayer Season 9 #1

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A holiday weekend just makes it that much shorter a work week, and that means we’re closer to SPX!  But, before that comes there’s a signing with Roger Langridge at Big Planet Comics in Vienna, VA.  It’s gonna be a fun week!  While I count down the days until fun, here’s the news you might have missed.

Around the Blogs:

The Beat – “Indie” Month-to-Month Sales: June and JulyAlways interesting to see what sells, especially for indie comics.

The Mary Sue – Jim Lee Says Justice League #1 Is “Setting Records” Digitally… but Won’t Quote Actual RecordsI think it’s past time we needed a digital sales chart…

Death and Taxes – Rick Perry’s Superman Love Reveals GOP’s Anachronistic Policies – I get a feeling Rick Perry doesn’t know Superman all too well.

Con Coverage:

MTV Geek – Dragon-Con 2011: The Next Generation

MTV Geek – Dragon-Con 2011: Cartoons Come to Life!

Poptimal – San Diego Comic-Con: An Interview with Mark Dos Santos

MTV Geek – Dragon-Con 2011: DC Comics Cosplay Photos

Around the Tubes Reviews:

Ultimate Comic Books Online – The Amazing Spider-Man #668

Primary Ignition – Brightest Day, Vol. 3

Suite 101 – The Three Musketeers: Campfire

Around the Tubes

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It’s Labor Day here in the US, so I don’t expect a lot of news to be hitting today, but that’s not going to stop us with keeping up with posts today.  While you wait for those, here’s the news you might have missed.

Around the Blogs:

Kotaku – Sunday Comics: Don’t Look a Yoshi in the Mouth – Each week Kotaku brings the best in the past week’s web comics.

Con Coverage:

MTV Geek – The 10th Anniversary Dragon-Con Parade in Photos: Part 3

MTV Geek – Trolling The Exhibitor Booths At Dragon-Con

Bleeding Cool – VIDEO: The Dragon*Con Cosplay Parade 2011

MTV Geek – DragonCon 2011: Your Daily Dragon

MTV Geek – Dragon-Con: Not-To-Miss Action Throughout The Last Two Days!

MTV Geek – Dragon-Con Parade Marches On For Its 10th Anniversary

MTV Geek – The 10th Anniversary Dragon-Con Parade In Photos: Part 2

Bleeding Cool – Cosplay And Drew Blank At Dragon*Con – Confessions Of An Anti-Hero

Around the Tubes Reviews:

The Mary Sue – Flashpoint #5 and Justice League #1

Bleeding Cool – Justice League #1

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