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Dee Bartee Joins Comixstravaganza Live!

Dee BarteeThe cat is out of the bag and the news can be told! Dee Bartee, formerly of Tales From The Geek has officially joined Johnny and the gang as the newest member of Comixstravaganza Live. The show airs right here LIVE each Wednesday. You can watch their stream it right here.

Dee Bartee can be seen on the new New Comics micro cast that will air live on Sunday’s. Set time TBD. Yes, not only has the crew grown, but you can catch even more each week!

Comixstravaganza Live is a weekly live-stream web show produced by John Pyka Productions and covering comic and geek culture news and reviews. The show is broadcast live on Wednesdays at 7 PM CST. The Comixstravaganza network also includes the Weekly Rundown, Pretty Boy’s Hot List, My 2 Cents with Tim Randles, and Darth Lee’s Sith Happens.