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Review – Jack Hammer: Political Science #1

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Jack Hammer: Political Science #1I get excited when I come across a comic book company I’ve never heard of and get a chance to check out what they have to offer.  Reasonably Priced Comics is one of those companies and I got a chance to check out two of their offerings, the first of which is reviewed here.

When I saw the title Jack Hammer: Political Science #1 I imagined a series of political intrigue that might hearken back to my days as a political science major.  Instead I’m thrown for a loop as it’s a pretty entertaining detective comic with superhero elements.

Jack McGriskin has been many things: a juvenile delinquent, a soldier, a boxer…a superhero. Now he’s a private investigator who keeps finding that while he can ditch the spandex, he can’t leave behind the heroics!

In his first limited series, the “Political Science” storyline, Jack is hired to find a missing business executive only to have him turn up dead under bizarre circumstances. When the company that hired him tells him to back off, he is even more determined to get to the bottom of the case and the leads he follows may lead him back to a world he thought he’d left behind.

The writing is actually very solid, to the point I want to see what comes next in the second issue.  The art is a little rough, but also good.  You can see a lot of potential and there’s only some minor issues I have with it.

Overall, if you like detective stories, Jack Hammer: Political Science is worth checking out because 1) you’re supporting a smaller independent publisher and 2) it’s a really good read.

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