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Preview: Fame: The Cast of Glee Yearbook Omnibus

Fame: The Cast of Glee Yearbook Omnibus

Price: $5.99
Pages: 64
Writer: CW Cooke, P.R. McCormack, Tara Broekell
Artist: Beniamino Bradi, V. Kenneth Marion

For the first time a special yearbook edition combing all the biographies of the cast of Glee!  Fame takes a look at how all of the cast of Glee including the history of how this global phenomenon was created by Ryan Murphy.  it’s your turn to be a Gleek. You know you want to! Featuring most of your favorites!   A special tribute forward for Cory Monteith is written by Ravital Zabarsky from the ” Montourage”.


Preview: Amazing Storytellers: J.R.R Tolkien, George RR Martin, Neil Gaiman & Stephen King

Amazing Storytellers:  J.R.R Tolkien, George RR Martin, Neil Gaiman & Stephen King

Price: $9.99
Pages: 96
Writer: Michael Lent, Brian McCathy, JS Earls, Tom M. Smith, Anthony Laplume
Artist: Kent Hurlburt, Luis Chichon, Marco Gerratana & JM Cuellar

Their imaginations have been the genesis of our nightmares, the elevation to the fantastic realms of our dreams and a reflection of our true selves. They are four of the most respected genre authors in the last 50 years.  It’s not that these authors are simply best sellers, but have, in their own ways, transformed our culture and transcended the written word into new media. This collection of biographies of J.R.R Tolkien, George RR Martin, Neil Gaiman & Stephen King provide a unique  look at their achivements and the inspirations for some of their most heralded work.


Preview: Fame: Katy Perry – the Interactive comic book APP

Fame: Katy Perry – the Interactive comic book APP

Writer: Howard Gensler
Artist: Eduardo Bazen

From the sold out comic book come a new interactive comic book APP from Authorly!  From Christian singer to pop superstar, she’s been through it all, seemingly. She’s been on the cover of every magazine and newspaper in circulation, she’s been featured in countless news articles, she’s been married and divorced, and she’s performed in front of millions. She’s Katy Perry, and this comic will teach you everything there is to know about the California girl.


Preview: Orbit: Stephen King (Spanish Edition)

Orbit: Stephen King (Spanish Edition)

Writer: Michael Lent and Brian McCathy
Artist: Kent Hurlburt

One of the bestselling authors of all time, his books have sold over 500 million copies and been translated into 33 languages. Generations of terrified readers and moviegoers have dubbed Stephen King the “Master of Horror,” but he is much, much more. This is a rare behind-the-scenes glimpse into King’s private world. IN SPANISH: Uno de los autores más vendidos de todos los tiempos, sus libros han vendido más de 500 millones de ejemplares, traducidos a 33 idiomas. Las generaciones de lectores y espectadores aterrorizados han apodado Stephen King como “Master of Horror”, pero es mucho, mucho más que eso. Descubre todo sobre el en este comic biografia en español.

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Preview: Tribute: Christopher Reeve (Spanish Edition)

Tribute: Christopher Reeve (Spanish Edition)

Writer: Michael L. Frizell
Artist: M.Anthony Gerardo

What makes a man a true hero? Is it the role he plays or the life he leads? Explore the life of legendary actor and philanthropist Christopher Reeve in this tribute to the man behind Superman’s cape. Michael L. Frizell M.Anthony Gerardo M.Anthony Gerardo M.Anthony Gerardo M.Anthony Gerardo Biography, Movie-Tv tie in  IN SPANISH: ¿Qué hace a un hombre un verdadero héroe? ¿Es el papel que juega, o la vida que lleva? Explora la vida del legendario actor y filántropo Christopher Reeve en este homenaje al hombre detrás de la capa de Superman.

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Preview: Robin The Hood

Robin The Hood

Writer: Ken Janssens
Artist: Bob Gordon

Before the bow and arrow…before the Merry Men…  before the legend, there was just Robin, a young man stealing to survive and support his uncle.  And it was all working out smoothly… until he stole from the wrong man and fell for the right woman.


Preview: Vincent Price: Night Terror

Vincent Price: Night Terror

Writer: Christopher Faulkner
Artist: David Enebral

From warped minds that brought you Vincent Price Presets comes another fright-fest featuring master of horror.  This time  our favorite ghoulish guide is featured in four original stories that are guaranteed to make you change your pants.


Preview: Female Force: Conservative Women of Politics

Female Force: Conservative Women of Politics

Writer: John Blundell, CW Cooke, Michael Troy, Jerome Maida
Artist: Todd Tenant, Luciano Kars, Manuel Díaz


Preview: Political Power: General David Petraeus

Political Power: General David Petraeus

Writer: CW Cooke & Michael L. Frizell
Artist: James Bolton

Most of us have heard his name. Most have seen his face. But his story is all but unknown, until now. General David Petraeus has been a leader of men for years, and his name has become synonymous with the American efforts of war in recent years. This story will talk about that, but it will also delve deep into the man himself. Who is David Petraeus? Join the top-selling comic series Political Power and get an up-close look at David Petraeus.


Preview: Dorian Gray – The Motion Comic Book


Writer: Scott Davis & Darren G. Davis
Artist: Federico De Luca

Producer: Authorly

The Grays are a cursed family. Dorian Gray IV, the last of his line, struggles with the realization that his personal demons are exactly that… a supernatural force that plagues not only the Grays but many of society’s wealthiest families. Convinced his redemption is only secured through ridding the city of demons called the Morbi, Dorian launches an ongoing crusade for his soul.


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