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I don’t know about you, but I’m stuffed.  Maybe it was the lack of athletic workout for skipping the Black Friday madness.  Hopefully you got some deals.  While you ponder what to do for the next two days, here’s the news you might have missed.

Around the Blogs:

Daily News & Analysis – Terror stripped: Increase in comics based on fighting terrorInteresting…

LaGrangePatch – Spiderman Comic Found in Attic Worth Over $10,000Anyone know someone something like this has happened to?

Koatku – Batman: Arkham City’s Guest Appearance On The Simpsons – So cool.


Around the Tubes Reviews:

Comics Alliance – Fantastic Four #600

Around the Tubes

It’s the weekend, yay.  And that is all.  Now… for the the news.

Around the Blogs:

Screenrant – FX’s ‘Powers’ Pilot Being Retooled for BroadcastGood sign or bad sign?

Boston Globe – Illinois Superman caper lands thief in prisonCan’t you imagine trying to explain this to your cell mate?


Around the Tubes Reviews:

Saffron Walden Reporter 24 – Batman: Arkham City

IGN – The Red Ten #1

CBR – Wonder Woman #3

Around the Tubes

The weekend is here, yay!  That is all.  And now, the time for the news.

Around the Blogs:

ICv2 – Power Man & Ms. Marvel on TVSmart.  Hopefully the Hulk tv show being outside movie continuity will be rethought.

Bleeding Cool – Batman Vs Paedophiles Videos Back OnlineWell, if the cops don’t solve the problem….I guess fighting pedophiles is only ok if you’re an NBC show and it’s for ratings.

The Beat – Exclusive: Robertson, Goldman, and Amanda Palmer join Occupy ComicsQuality people, tons of quality.

Kotaku – How to Activate Big-Head Mode in Batman: Arkham CityUm, k….

Koatku – See Barry Allen Become The Flash in DC Universe Online’s Next ExtensionMaybe this will get me to finally play..

Kotaku – Brink Devs Making a Marvel Game? – Chances it’s good?


Con Coverage:

CBR – Emerald City Comicon Debuts “Tales from the Con” Original Webcomic


Around the Tubes Reviews:

Primary Ignition – The Flash: The Road To Flashpoint

IGN – Comic Book Reviews for 11/16/11

Around the Tubes

It’s Wednesday, so it’s new comic book day.  What’s everyone getting?  While you contemplate that, here’s the news you might have missed.

Around the Blogs:

The Beat – Must read: How to Beat The Haters by Rob LiefeldLiefeld was popular today.

Comics Alliance – Rob Liefeld is Right: How To Deal With HatersI might not like his art, but he generally handles it really well and I have to give him props.

Washington Post – A TALE OF TWO OCCUPY CARTOONISTS: From arrest to arresting humor — how diverging journalists respond to the movementA good read.

Journal Star – $15,000 comic missing from Lincoln homeSo that’s a couple of long boxes.

GamePolitics – Warner Bros. Asks For Help with Arkham City Save Game Glitch – Smart of them…


Around the Tubes Reviews:

Wired – CIA: Operation Ajax

Around the Tubes

The weekend is almost here!  Yay!  My plan is to catch up on writing reviews, what about you?  While you decide on that, here’s the news you might have missed.

Around the Blogs:

Spinoff Online – Universal Chief Unloads on Wolfman, Cowboys & AliensSome honesty here.

ICv2 – Comics in Turnaround?I remain skeptical for the direct market.

Gizmodo – Exclusive: All Marvel Digital Comics Will Be Available Same Day as PrintKind of shocked this didn’t happen sooner.

Screenrant – Interview: comiXology CEO David Steinberger on Digital Comics, Pricing, & The New 52A pretty decent interview.  Worth the read.

Comics Alliance – ‘Real-Life Superhero’ Phoenix Jones Loses Job, Prohibited from Working with ChildrenForget bad guys going after your family, the first issue is keeping your job.

Kotaku – Should You Buy Batman: Arkham City’s Nightwing Bundle Pack? No. – The first weakness in Batman’s pretty damn strong armor.

Around the Tubes Reviews:

CBR – Action Comics #3

CBR – Fear Itself #7.1

IGN – Comic Book Reviews for 11/2/11

Around the Tubes

the weekend is almost here.  Do folks have fun Halloween plans?  Any good comic book based costumes?  While you figure all of that out, here’s news you might have missed.

Around the Blogs:

Comics Alliance – Marvel Universe MMO Releases Character Designs OnlineCan. Not. Wait.

Newsarama – Marvel Layoffs: Why A Boycott May Be Misguided – A good perspective from someone on the inside.

Comics Alliance – Parting Shot: ‘Holy Terror’ Creator Frank Miller Admits He Knows ‘Squat’ About IslamNot sure this helps his case at all.

Blogging Los Angeles – Sex Nerd Sandra at NerdMelt – A look at the theater behind Meltdwon Comics.  I didn’t know they had this, pretty cool.

Kotaku – Arkham City Cosplay Turns Normal Man Into Dark Knight – I think the only word for this is “impressive.”

Con Coverage:

Bleeding Cool – Comic Con Wars Break Out Across Canada

Around the Tubes Reviews:

MTV Geek – The Incredible Hulk #1

IGN – Spaceman #1

CBR – Wolverine & the X-Men #1

Complex – Review: Jason Aaron’s “Wolverine And The X-Men” And “Incredible Hulk” Both Debut With Force

Around the Tubes

It’s new comic book day and there looks to be quite a few solid ones being released today.  What’s everyone getting?  While you wait for your local comic book shop to open, here’s the news you might have missed.

Around the Blogs:

Daily News & Analysis – Comic books have to keep pace with the times: Aalok JoshiA short article but interesting insight into the Indian comic book scene.

Robot 6 – Check DC wrote in 1938 for rights to Superman goes up for auctionA neat bit of history.  I have no idea what this’ll go for.

Ahram Online – US publisher to issue Egyptian graphic novel banned under MubarakGreat to see this comic being released.

Kotaku – Batman: Arkham City Shipped 4.6 Million Copies in Its First WeekThat’s an impressive number.  I’m going to go out on a limb and say a good chunk of that has sold too.

Kotaku – Is Harley Quinn Arkham City’s Most Subversive Character? – Kind of makes me want to play the game more and more appreciative of the character in comic books too.

Con Coverage:

Graphic Novel Reporter – After NYCC: Lance Fensterman Talks About the Con

MTV Geek – Womanthology at NYCC: If You Don’t See the Comic You Want, Make Your Own

MTV Geek – Hasbro’s David Vonner Discusses 3 Marvel-ous Lines at NYCC

Around the Tubes Reviews:

Bleeding Cool – The Incredible Hulk #1

MTV Geek – Wolverine & the X-Men #1

IGN – Wolverine and the X-Men #1

Around the Tubes

It’s a new week, yay!  While you were watching football and listening to our radio show, here’s the news you might have missed.

Around the Blogs:

Kotaku – Arkham City’s Official Map App Gives Aid to Trophy HuntersLooks pretty helpful.

Kotaku – A Guide to Batman’s Arkham City WardrobeI really need this game.

Kotaku – Sunday Comics: Subjective Objective – Each week Kotaku brings some great web comics.

Con Coverage:

CBR – NYCC: Joe Simon Looks Back at His 98 Years

Around the Tubes Reviews:

Feeling Fictional – Vampire Academy

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