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Preview: KISS/Vampirella #5

KISS/Vampirella #5

writer: Christopher Sebela
artist: Annapaola Martello
covers: Juan Doe (A), Carli Ihde (B), Roberto Castro (C), Cosplay Photo Variant (D)
Carli Ihde (RI B/W), Juan Doe (RI Virgin), Roberto Castro (RI B/W)
FC • 32 pages • $3.99 • Teen +

The demons bent on destroying rock ’n’ roll via a wave of soft rock laced with murderous messages have declared all-out war on the world. With a huge show scheduled at the Hollywood Bowl and a massive crowd of willing victims, KISS and Vampirella will storm the stage in a jam of violence and rock so loud that Los Angeles will never be the same.

Preview: KISS/Vampirella #4

KISS/Vampirella #4

writer: Chris Sebela
artist: Annapaola Martello
covers: Juan Doe (A), Carli Ihde (B), Roberto Castro (C), Cosplay Photo Variant (D)
Carli Ihde (RI B/W), Juan Doe (RI Virgin), Roberto Castro (RI B/W)
FC • 32 pages • $3.99 • Teen +

KISS storm the head offices of the record industry to confront a demonic menace hellbent on taking down rock ’n’ roll. When things go awry and get bloody, they’ll take shelter with Vampi, Witchkraft and their roadie Lily, who’s about to get a crash course in why she’s really here.

Preview: Venomverse: War Stories #1

Venomverse: War Stories #1

(W) Declan Shalvey, Magdalene Visaggio, Cullen Bunn (A) Annapaola Martello, Declan Shalvey, Tana Ford (CA) Francesco Mattina
Rated T+
In Shops: Sep 06, 2017
SRP: $4.99

• Sure, you know about some of the adventures All-New Wolverine, Gwenpool, Ghost Rider, Old Man Logan and Deadpool went on with their symbiotes, but what about the rest?!
• Featuring a star-studded lineup of creators and characters, including…
• …a VENOMIZED PUNISHER story written and drawn by Declan Shalvey!
• And the awesome adventures of VENOMIZED ROCKET RACCOON by Magdalene Visaggio!

Preview: KISS/Vampirella #3

KISS/Vampirella #3

writer: Chris Sebela
artist: Annapaola Martello
covers: Juan Doe (A), Carli Ihde (B), Roberto Castro (C), Cosplay Photo Variant (D), Carli Ihde (RI-B/W), Juan Doe (RI-Virgin), Roberto Castro (RI-B/W)
FC • 32 pages • $3.99 • Teen +

After wading through the weird, satanic waters of Los Angeles without a map, KISS finally finds some tour guides in the form of Vampirella and her band Witchkraft. While the two bands jam and work to figure out what’s happening to all of L.A.’s rock bands, KISS’ mysterious driver and the demons who run the record industry are unveiling their own plans.

Preview: KISS/Vampirella #2

KISS/Vampirella #2

writer: Chris Sebela
artist: Annapaola Martello
covers: Juan Doe (a), Carli Ihde (b), Roberto Castro (c), Cosplay Photo Variant (d)
incentive covers: Carli Ihde (B/W art), Juan Doe (“virgin art”), Roberto Castro (B/W art)
Order the cover of your choice!
FC • 32 pages • $3.99 • Teen+

Rock ’n’ roll isn’t for the faint of heart. Jet-lagged, on the verge of recording a new album and stuck in the strange heart of Los Angeles, KISS are now up against an army of mysterious strangers who’ve kidnapped their old friend. Vampirella has her own problems stuck in a crime scene full of satanists with swords. Dragging her new roadie with her on a ride packed with demons and explosions big enough to throw Vampi and her band into a collision course with KISS.

Preview: KISS/Vampirella #1

KISS/Vampirella #1

writer: Chris Sebella
artist: Annapaola Martello
covers: Juan Doe (a), Carli Idhe (b), Roberto Castro (c), Photo Variant (c), Cosplay Photo Variant (c)
incentive covers: Roberto Castro (B/W art), Carli Idhe (B/W art), Roberto Castro (“virgin art”), Juan Doe (“virgin art”), Cosplay Photo (“virgin art”)
Order the cover of your choice!
FC • 32 pages • $3.99 • Teen+

L.A. Is a strange town on the best of days, but in the summer of 1974, the City of Angels feels especially demonic. As temperatures soar and wildfires burn, all sorts of strange creatures are drawn to town, including Vampirella. While Vampi goes out and hunts down monsters all across La La Land — defending humanity from evil — she’s also killing it every night on stage as a member of the all-girl rock group Witchkraft — defending rock ’n’ roll from a dying scene. Help arrives in the form of four creatures who’ve just flown into town: The Starchild, The Demon, The Spaceman and The Catman. Away from their home turf and trying to record their new album, KISS discovers that all their favorite L.A. bands have mysteriously broken up, disappeared, sold out, or gone crazy. Led by a driver who moonlights in the occult and haunted by satanic strangers dressed in black, KISS finds themselves drawn into a web of conspiracy that threatens to kill rock ’n’ roll itself.

Preview: Scarlet Witch #12

Scarlet Witch #12

(W) James Robinson (A) Annapaola Martello (CA) David Aja
Rated T+
In Shops: Nov 02, 2016
SRP: $3.99

In the place where she was born, WANDA continues to unravel the tangled web of her past! But there are those that lurk in the shadows that don’t want her to find answers… And they’ll do anything to stop her!


Review: Civil War II: Choosing Sides #5

ChoosingSides5CoverIn the latest installment of the anthology series Civil War II: Choosing SidesAlpha Flight goes on a mission on American soil, Misty Knight and Colleen Wing trade blows with the cast of a cancelled Marvel series providing backup, and the Declan Shalvey/Jordie Bellaire Nick Fury spy saga continues. The Alpha Flight and Nick Fury stories are good, and the Colleen Wing is okay so everything averages out in the end.

The best and strangest story of the bunch is writer Chip Zdarsky and artist Ramon Perez‘s Alpha Flight story featuring a prominent guest appearance from current Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau. Trudeau doesn’t just appear in a blink and miss cameo, but has a substantial role in the issue as he is caught between the clashing factions of Captain Marvel and Iron Man. He is smack dab in the middle of this ideological conflict and has some good points about each side’s from Captain Marvel and Alpha Flight’s civil rights violations to Iron Man’s propensity for hero versus hero conflict.

The big setpiece in this story is a two page sparring session between Trudeau (known for his boxing as well as politics) and Tony Stark as Stark gets some of his guilt and grief about Rhodey’s death in the grief, and Trudeau tries to redirect him towards a path of compromise. Perez composes the sequence expertly with beat panels of punching juxtaposed with quick, barbed lines of dialogue from Stark and Trudeau. I won’t spoil the victor, but the issue ends with both Team Iron Man and Team Captain Marvel not feeling well.


Having a guest star from the world of, let’s say, non-fiction puts some much-needed perspective on the Civil War II event where it’s starting to look like both sides are in the wrong as the body/injury count continues to rise. Chip Zdarsky balances his zany sense of humor (There are so many cheesy Canada themed jokes in this story.) with a critical perspective on Marvel’s latest summer event while Ramon Perez finds a happy medium between cartooning and photorealism befitting a story starring real and fictional humans or mutants.

The second story featuring Misty Knight, Colleen Wing, and the Howling Commandos by writer Enrique Carrion (Image Comics’ Vescell), artist Annapaola Martello (Spider-Gwen Annual), and colorist Nolan Woodard (All-New X-Men) is the weakest of the bunch and could have benefited from being a two parter. Carrion plots a story about Misty Knight, Jasper Sitwell, and Man-Thing transporting a Huntstalker (Basically, a rogue demon hunter.) to STAKE (The supernatural version of SHIELD.) HQ when Colleen Wing attacks them because she needs them to track down a vampire. This one sentence plot summary is cooler than the actual comic with the exception of a too short battle between Colleen Wing and Man-Thing, which features a green/orange explosion from Woodard.

The comic also deals with the fallout of Colleen Wing and Misty Knight not being friends any more because of Civil War II, but spends a single, pink flashback panel on it before going back to some stale banter between Misty and her teammates. There is something to be explored in this friendship as Misty has gotten closer to Sam Wilson in the pages of Captain America: Sam Wilson, but Carrion also tries to shove in an action sequence and a kind of twist ending.

The final page of the story is really rushed as Misty Knight immediately decides to stop doing missions for STAKE and lets Colleen go off with the Huntstalker off panel. It seems like a setup for a Colleen Wing vs. vampires story, but the comic unfortunately reads “The End”. Martello and Woodard indulge in the wild and wacky side of Marvel with katanas and monsters galore, but unfortunately this story is cut short and doesn’t reach its full potential.

The third and final story in Choosing Sides #5 is the penultimate chapter in Declan Shalvey and Jordie Bellaire’s neo-Sterankoean Nick Fury Jr. saga. Nothing will probably top the completely silent battle between Nick Fury Jr. and Black Widow in the previous issue, but Shalvey compensates with a fun twist, some great one-liners, and a battle between old school and new school Nick Fury.

Bellaire complements Shalvey’s taut, minimalist plotting with a clear emphasis on green and grey as Nick Fury Jr. faces off with a rogue Nick Fury LMD in a super secret base. Green and grey could also symbolize Nick Fury Jr and Nick Fury as the first has only been in comics since 2012 whereas Nick Fury has been the “man on the wall” since the Silver Age. There are also little touches of red when Nick Fury Jr. gets the upper hand on the LMD like when he stabs his robot eye with some kind of high tech weapon and on the SHIELD emblem on his chest. Nick Fury Jr. wants SHIELD to continue to be a peacekeeping force, but in light of Civil War II and events like Avengers Standoff where Maria Hill used a Cosmic Cube to brainwash villains, maybe it’s better if it died off.

But Shalvey leaves things ambiguous for now as Nick Fury Jr is fed conflicting reports about his mission and reacts to it through some nice secret base destruction. Shalvey captures the angry sneer that Samuel L. Jackson brought to his performance as Fury in the Marvel films without resorting to stiff photorealism and leaves us with this image of defiance as the storyline reaches its end.

Civil War II Choosing Sides #5 features a funny and insightful Alpha Flight story, a subpar Misty Knight/Colleen Wing battle royale, and an enthralling spy thriller with virtuoso storytelling from Declan Shalvey and Jordie Bellaire. It’s definitely worth picking up.

Story: Chip Zdarsky, Enrique Carrion, Declan Shalvey Art: Ramon Perez, Annapaola Martello, Declan Shalvey Colors: Ramon Perez, Nolan Woodard, Jordie Bellaire
Story: 8 Art: 7.5 Overall: 7.6 Recommendation: Read

We Talk Silk With Annapaola Martello

Annapaola Martello is a relative newcomer to the comic industry, but recently got a chance to illustrate an issue of Silk (#4), the first issue which she has drawn for a major publisher. We got a chance to talk with her about her debut issue and what it is like to take on some familiar characters.

silk004Graphic Policy: How did you get a chance to draw this character?

Annapaola Martello: Last year I left some samples of my work at the Marvel stand at the New York Comicon and, to my surprise, I was selected for an interview with one of the editors. I have to thank my travel companions for encouraging me, for I felt really insecure and did not think that I had a chance of being chosen. A couple of weeks later I was contacted by the editor that interviewed me to do eight test pages for a New Miss Marvel story, and he liked them enough to ask me to draw the fourth issue of Silk. I will never stop thanking him for giving me this opportunity.

GP: What do you think of the new wave of young female characters leading their own series?

AM: I think this is a great opportunity to tell stories which are both fresh and different from what we are used to. Female characters think and act differently from the male superheroes, and this is a great opportunity to make the world of comics more appealing to a female audience, also because these new heroines are complex characters, with the same strengths and weaknesses of real people.

GP: How do you draw a female characters as both strong and feminine?

AM: All my friends keep telling me that I have been inspired by myself! :)

Jokes aside, I am surrounded by people like that, for I tend to like that type of character. Also many of my favourite comic artists convey the same traits with their drawings, and I try to follow their style.

silk002GP: The cutest scene in issue #4 was one where Silk and Johnny Storm finish their date. No words are spoken but the picture tells the story by itself. How did you figure out how to show this?

AM: I have to thank the scriptwriter for this. Its script was so perfectly written that by reading this scene I immediately envisioned it in my mind. It almost drew itself. I also think that the colourist did an amazing job in bring it out even more.

GP: Silk is of course very much tied to Spider-Man. What did you do to make sure that she is different enough in appearance and action?

AM: I tried to make her manners more aggressive and whimsical, for she is young and inexperienced, and thus more instinctive in the use of her powers. For her moves I drew inspiration on the eastern ninjas, for the years she spent hidden away left a mark on her: she is always on the alert, always suspicious of what surrounds her. Spider-silk001Man is quite the opposite: always funny, always taking all the situations head-on, so I tried to represent these characteristics even if he was not able conquer Silk.

GP: Was it hard to take on some iconic characters like the Thing or Galactus?

AM: I enjoyed drawing all the characters that appear in the issue. Only Galactus has been a real challenge, for he is so big that it is difficult to keep the right proportions and give him the right expressions.

GP: Are there any other heroes that you would love to get a chance to draw?

AM: I would love to draw other stories about Silk, but she is obviously not the only one I like. There are also Spider Gwen, X-men,Hawk Eye, Nova, the Guardians of the Galaxy, Daredevil…

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