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Advance Review: Red Dog #1

red-dog-1-coverSome say there’s no greater love in the universe than the love a boy has for his dog. For Kyle, the only kid living amongst 200 grownups on a distant mining colony light-years away from Earth, that saying is a given. Welcome to Kirawan, a planet that Kyle calls, “the worst place you could ever imagine.” Kyle stumbles through his days doing his chores hoping to live up to the steep demands of his father, the head of the planet’s mining operation. Still, it’s not all bad, there’s Q, Kyle’s robotic K-9, basically the greatest pet in the known universe. However, during an upload of resources bound for earth, the alien natives of Kirawan launch a full scale attack on the human miners. Welcome to the world of Red Dog.

Written by Rob Cohen and Andi Ewington, Red Dog is an entertaining new sci-fi series coming soon from 451 Media. The story has some familiarity to it, but what it does really well is give a cinematic feel to it all. That makes complete sense considering Cohen is part of the team behind the films Fast and the Furious and XXX.

The issue goes into a lot of detail and provides a lot of background to the world of Kirawan. We know why humans went there. Why Kyle is special. And a bit of what this world is like. It’s an immense amount of information for a first issue, one that would probably make dungeon masters proud in the detail. But, that detail is really great as it helps make the world standout from similar story settings and it gives the comic as a whole a lot of personality.

That personality is helped by artist Robert Atkins who adds a sci-fi western element about it all. The world of Kirawan feels like the wild west in so many ways, and that’s partially due to the brown color palette that permeates the comic. I fully expected mechanical horses to show up at some point or a sheriff to step up. That’s not a bad thing at all as it helps flesh out the world and as the story shifts it helps blend the genres the story mixes. We go from a very “western” tale in the beginning to what’s clearly “sci-fi” when things wrap up. Atkins does some amazing work on Q though. The detail on the mechanical dog is impressive and it feels like it’s a patchwork robot that’d work and something someone could put together in real life.

The first issue ends at a cliffhanger that is a bit overused, but what has come before kept me entertained enough to want to see what comes next and find out more about the world. I can make some guesses as to what we’ll see, but so far, it’s pretty entertaining and well worth checking out when it’s released.

Story: Rob Cohen and Andi Ewington Art: Robert Atkins
Story: 7.6 Art: 7.6 Overall: 7.6 Recommendation: Read

451 Media Group Provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review

Review: Overrun #1 – 4

Overrun1Overrun is The Matrix meets The Walking Dead. Written by Andi Ewington and Matt Woodley, with art by Paul Green and letters by Troy Peteri and Joshua Cozine. This new four issue miniseries takes us deep inside the virtual world hiding behind our laptops and tablets. It’s a virtual reality populated by atavistic human-like characters, speaking in a distinctive Orwellian IT language, of different computer file tribal groups (.xls, .jpeg, .mp4, .zip, spam, .mpeg, .txt, .doc, etc…). All the well-known characters, past and present, from the computer and gaming world are parodied within its pages. There’s Detectives Norton & McAfee, a French Mario, a Pokémon like super companion, Sarge from Call of Duty or Medal of Honor (you pick), and many more you will recognize.

With dwindling disk space, the Illuminati-like Hierarchy plots to wipe the slate clean, using viral corrupting zombies to free up memory to rewrite the world’s code. Scrolling bar buddies serendipitously join together to save their world from the conspiracists’ evil plans. Overrun3The fast-paced story is non-stop action, helped along by a power-up pill popping strong man, video game shogun ninja, mysterious heroine, and others; who together battle CPU henchmen to put an end to the evil scheme. With no fear of archival or uninstallation, our heroes fight the Hierarchy to the fateful end.

Paul Green’s cartoony manga style art, rendered in bright colors, with pubescent characters, exaggerated body types, and plenty of big guns, flits across effortlessly from panel to panel. The gamer audience will eat it up.

When all is said and done, and the reading fun is over, head out to the Scroll Bar for a drink. Just make sure you bring enough kilobytes to pay the tab, and while you’re there, pray to the User for the story to continue in a yet to be announced issue five.

I’d give it a ten, but I had to take some points away. I was a bit sore there was no death by .ppt.

Story: Andi Ewington and Matt Woodley Art: Paul Green
 Letters: Troy Peteri and Joshua Cozine
Story: 9 Art: 9 Overall: 9 Recommendation: Buy

Andi Ewington provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review

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