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The ‘90s X-Men Return in Your New Look at X-Men ’92 #1!

The X-Men of yesteryear are back this March! Spinning directly out of last year’s smash-hit Secret Wars series, they’re slashing and optic blasting their way into their very own ongoing series! Today, Marvel is pleased to present your first look inside X-Men ’92 #1!

Writers Chris Sims and Chad Bowers return and they’re bringing artist Alti Firmansyah along for the ride. Get ready as Marvel’s merry mutants roll back the clock to a time when the pouches were big and the action was X-TREME! Cassandra Nova has been defeated, but she was just the beginning. Omega Red has resurfaced, and he’s bringing the Soviet Super Soldiers with him! Their mission? Destroy the recently re-opened Xavier’s School for Gifted Children! And that’s just the first issue True Believers! Don’t miss one minute of the action!

X-MEN ’92 #1 (JAN160739)
Hip-Hop Variant by AFUA RICHARDSON (JAN160740)
Action Figure Variant by JOHN TYLER CHRISTOPHER (JAN160741)
Variant Cover by PASQUAL FERRY (JAN160742)
FOC – 03/07/16, On-Sale – 03/30/16


Marvel Announces Silver Surfer, Moon Knight, The Infinity Entity, Mockingbird, and X-Men ’92

At the Diamond Summit taking place before this weekend’s Baltimore Comic Con, Marvel announced a bunch of new series coming out in 2016 as part of their All-New, All-Different reboot/relaunch (and blowing that past the promised 55-60 new comics we were told would be a part of it).

Dan Slott, Laura Allred, and Mike Allred will return on Silver Surfer in 2016. Marvel said they would release more details tomorrow.

Jeff Lemire and Greg Smallwood will be taking over creative duties for Moon Knight, which will return in 2016.

Jim Starlin and Alan Davis will be returning to their Infinity epic with The Infinity Entity. The four issue miniseries will focus on Adam Warlock. The third part of their epic begins in April 2016.

Chelsea Cain will be writing Mockingbird in a new ongoing series. An artist has not been announced. The character has been a part of the television series Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and her on again/off again spin-off series is back on again last I heard. So, another character from the live action universe getting a comic tie-in.

Spinning out of Secret Wars: Battleworld, artist Alti Firmansyah will team up with Chris Sims and Chad Bowers for an X-Men ’92 series. The series sees the team return to their world to open a new Xavier School with Cassandra Nova’s students enrolling too. The comic launches spring 2016.

Review: Star-Lord and Kitty Pryde #1

StarkatThis book opens with Peter Quill singing “Part of Your World” from The Little Mermaid, and it is the perfect note to start this book off on.  Sure, Disney song in a Marvel book, owned by Disney…and this book is heavily influenced by Disney; it’s movies and animation…and that may turn some people off from checking out this book. But trust me, this Secret Wars tie in is definitely one you want to dive into.

We’re introduced to Peter Quill; THE Peter Quill from the original Marvel Universe, and explains how he was rescued on the ship that Reed Richards built, and was able to ferry a handful of original characters away from the earth they knew before the final incursion destroyed it all. Now, Peter is hiding out in Manhattan at The Quiet Room, the lead singer to the house band, going by the name Stevie Rogers. All the women love him and constantly seek to gain his attention, but Peter is still mourning the loss of his fiancée, Kitty Pryde…..until she walks into the club.

Kitty has arrived, an agent of Valeria Von Doom, to attend a meeting with Gambit the Collector, who has some “anomaly” that Kitty is very anxious to get back to the Foundation. After some flirting on Gambit’s part, and the promised payment from Kitty Pryde, Gambit hands over what looks to be a lock of hair, which Kitty scans and it is shown to be of unknown origins. Gambit is thrilled by this and collects his payment…but also wishes to further his time with Kitty. Kitty makes her intentions very clear, brandishing her own set of claws…but has also caught the eye of Peter Quill, who can’t believe he is seeing the love of his life in the same room. He intervenes on her behalf, causing Gambit to suspect a double cross, and a scuffle breaks out which results in Gambit getting away with his payment AND the anomaly…Peter planting a whopper of a kiss on Kitty…and Kitty planting her fist to Peter’s face. Which, yields a surprising result for Kitty, and she makes sure not to let Peter out of her sight.

This book was a breath of fresh air after reading so many darker, grittier stories taking place in Secret Wars.  We have a great perspective from Peter, being from the original Marvel universe, and how he is getting by in this region of Battleworld. This is Star-Lord as I know him from Guardians of the Galaxy, and I am very happy to see his humour and the light tone follow from that book to this one. Sam Humphries, who also wrote Guardians of the Galaxy, clearly shows his grasp of Peter’s character is spot on, giving us the joking, easy going space traveller we have all come to love. Alti Firmansyah‘s art work, along with Jessica Kholinne‘s colors, are beautiful. As mentioned, this book is heavy on the Disney influence, and the art work totally brings it to the forefront, with the animated facial expressions and the gown on Kitty, which would befit any Disney princess. The art just raises this story to the next level, giving us a more colourful and light hearted look into Battleworld, which is something I think a lot of readers will look forward to.

From the cover of this book, this is not the story I was expecting to be told with Peter and Kitty…but I loved every minute of this. The familiarity from Peter, the art work and colors (I can’t say enough about them) and just the overall light tone of this book made it a great read for me and I cannot wait for the next issue.

Story: Sam Humphries Art: Alti Firmansyah Colours: Jessica Kholinne
Story: 9 Art: 9 Overall: 9 Recommendation: Buy

All’s Fair in Love & Battleworld in Star-Lord and Kitty Pryde #1!

War rages across the patchwork planet of Battleworld. Domains far and wide clash in an unending conflict for territory. Yet amid the fury and the fire of battle, there is love to be found as well. This June, one of the Marvel Universe’s burgeoning romances will be put through the Secret Wars wringer in Star-Lord and Kitty Pryde #1 – an all-new Secret Wars series! Writer Sam Humphries and Marvel newcomer Alti Firmansyah ask the question – can love really conquer all?

In an interview with Marvel.com, Humphries said:

Star-Lord and Kitty Pryde is an action romantic comedy. It is the emotional and spiritual continuation of the great Peter Quill/Kitty Pryde romance that has been developing in Legendary Star-Lord. It’s going to be funny, and fun – but also heartbreaking and thrilling.

The events of Secret Wars have brought these two together once more. Yet, hailing from entirely different realities, can these two-star crossed lovers reconcile their feelings for one another – even though they are not the ones they know?! Sure – if they don’t kill each other first! The Kitty Pryde from the Age of Apocalpyse domain learned a long time ago not to trust anyone. Especially strangers from other realities who claim to be her boyfriend!

Star-Lord and Kitty Pryde are finally together in their own series! But are they TOGETHER together? The burgeoning romance of these two fan-favorite characters will be tested like never before on the surface of Battleworld. Will their love triumph across space and time? Or will the events of Secret Wars prove too much? The answers lie within True Believer!

On Sale in JUNE!


Preview: Tomorrowland #3

Tomorrowland #3

Writer: Paul Jenkins
Artist: Alti Firmansyah, Beny Maulana of Stellar Labs
Publisher: Titan Comics
On sale: 25/09/2013

The music-driven ride of your life continues, from Paul Jenkins, the Eisner award-winning writer of Wolverine: Origin and The Darkness!

Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike, DJs at the world-renowned Tomorrowland festival, have been chosen as the Keepers of Creativity. Ranged against the Destructive forces of the Nameless One, they only have a year to come up with an event that will recharge the creative batteries of the whole universe – and with demons, monsters and the forces of Fate in the way, it’s going to be a tall order. These DJs no longer have to make just music – at this year’s festival, they need to make history!

TomorrowLand_3_COVER_Color_130401 (1)

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