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Preview: Chastity Vol 2 #2

Chastity Vol 2 #2

writer: Leah Williams
artist: Daniel Maine
covers: Catherine Nodet (A), Ale Garza (B), Jay Anacleto (C)
Ale Garza (RI-Virgin), Ale Garza (RI-B/W), Catherine Nodet (RI-B/W)
FC | 32 pages | $3.99 | Horror | Mature

Chastity finds herself part of a group of kidnapped women. But why were they taken, and who’s behind this? Escaping imprisonment is one thing — escaping where that prison is, is another! Then again, kidnapping normal women is one thing — kidnapping a half-vampire is another!

Chastity Vol 2 #2

Red Sonja Against the Hordes of Hell in Age of Chaos this January

Chaos! comes to Hyboria in December’s Red Sonja: Age of Chaos from Dynamite!

This fight and fright-filled new limited series is written by returning Sonja scribe Erik Burnham. Joining him on art is the one and only Jonathan Lau. Burnham is bringing the present into the past, with a Chaos! invasion of the Hyborean Age. A cosmic level spat between Mistress Hel and Lady Demon leaves Sonja and characters like Chastity, Evil Ernie, Purgatori, Jade and more stuck in the middle. Alliances will be made to combat this mayhem and great evil, but Sonja may have to resort to something she never would have guessed – enlisting the help of her sworn enemy, Kulan Gath!

New readers can come into this series with no prior knowledge. However, fans may recall Erik contributed to the previous ongoing Red Sonja volume helmed by Amy Chu and Carlos Gomez. The series’ central arc, titled Worlds Away, threw the She-Devil with a Sword into the far-flung future of modern-day New York City. That fish out of water premise allowed for fan-favorite scenes of levity and new challenges for the heroine. This time around, Sonja has the home advantage. Burnham has teased that there may be callbacks and Easter eggs in this new series for fans of that previous run.

For a series with so many fan-favorite characters, Dynamite is treating fans to a cornucopia of covers blending the sword and sorcery aesthetic of Sonja, the blood-soaked terror of Chaos! and the epic crossover aspect of the series! Leading the pack is painter and Dynamite legend Lucio Parrillo, depicting Sonja and Purgatori locked in mortal combat and drawing blood. Alan Quah captures that crossover chaos with nearly the full roll call on his cover – but there are more surprises in the series of course! Ale Garza and Cian Tormey add their special touch to covers. While the Hyrkanian Hero is represented in cosplay by Shannon Kingston, following her run on covers for Birth of the She-Devil.

Preview: Infinity Wars: Arachknight #2 (of 2)

Infinity Wars: Arachknight #2 (of 2)

(W) Dennis Hopeless (A) Ale Garza (CA) Giuseppe Camuncoli
Rated T+
In Shops: Nov 28, 2018
SRP: $3.99

Arachknight faces the deadly machinations of the terrible Goblin-by-Night! Can he save his best friend turned monster or will he lose to the Goblin once and for all?

The World’s Greatest Super-Heroes! Holiday Special Comes to Walmart this Sunday

With the holidays rapidly approaching, DC and Walmart are adding to their lineup of 100-page “Giant” comics with a new one-shot to ring in the holiday season! Following the success of their horror-themed Swamp Thing Halloween Horror Special, DC’s World’s Greatest Super-Heroes! Holiday Special is headed to participating Walmart stores in the U.S. today and should reach stores by Sunday.

The fan-favorite creative trio of The FlashScott Lobdell (writer), Brett Booth (artist) and Norm Rapmund (inker)—have reunited for an original tale featuring the Scarlet Speedster, “Twas the Riot Before Christmas.” Barry Allen’s holiday tradition of giving gifts to the kids at the Central City Home for Wayward Children gets interrupted by a riot at Iron Heights penitentiary featuring some of the Flash’s deadliest foes. In restoring order, he receives help from an unexpected source, but will it be in time to spend Christmas with the kids at the home?

This Walmart exclusive also reprints a host of holiday-themed stories from throughout DC’s history: Tom King and David Finch’s “Good Boy,” from the 2016 Batman Annual tells the painful (certainly for the Dark Knight) story of how Batman and Alfred brought Ace the Bat-Hound into the family.

Originally featured in the 2014 Harley Quinn Holiday Special #1, “K!llin’ Time,” written by Amanda Conner and Jimmy Palmiotti with art by Darwyn Cooke, shows how Harley Quinn decides to deal with aging and finding her first gray hair—by killing Father Time!

Written by Joe Kelly with art by Ale Garza, “All I Want for Christmas” from the 2006 DC Infinite Holiday Special spotlights Supergirl in a tale of making a little girl’s Christmas wish come true by reuniting her with her father after the Maid of Might shows him the importance of not being an absentee parent and gives him a second chance to be a father to his child.

The anthology also features two stories from the 2016 DC Rebirth Holiday Special. In “A Light in the Dark,” Kate Perkins (writer) and Paolo Pantalena (artist) featured Batwoman in a holiday rescue story involving pie and the story of Hanukkah, while Green Lanterns Simon Baz and Jessica Cruz are subjected to a series of trials by a mysterious alien race where the prize is not just the fate of the world, but something that Earth will always need: Hope. “The Epiphany” was co-written by Steve Orlando and Vita Ayala, with art by V. Ken Marion.

1992’s Superman #22 rounds out the lineup with the story “Metropolis Mailbag,” written by Dan Jurgens with art by Jackson “Butch” Guice. As the holidays approach, the Man of Steel finds out that even he has limits when he reads some letters that are addressed to him in the Daily Planet’s “Superman room.”

The World’s Greatest Super-Heroes! Holiday Special sells for $4.99 and arrives in participating Walmart stores throughout North America by Sunday, November 11.

Preview: Infinity Wars: ArachKnight #1

Infinity Wars: ArachKnight #1

(W) Dennis Hopeless (A) Ale Garza (CA) Humberto Ramos
Rated T+
In Shops: Oct 24, 2018
SRP: $3.99

Chosen as the Avatar of the Spider-Totem, Peter Parker is the dark guardian of destiny doing the bidding of the great weaver of fate… a role that has shattered his mind into multiple personas: a tech genius, a photographer, a teacher…

New York Comic Con 2017: Scout Comics Announces Four New Titles

As New York Comic Con 2017 kicks off today, Scout Comics has announced four new series that will make their debut in 2018. Cyber Spectre #0 is available this weekend at Scout’s New York Comic-Con booth, #950.


Four geniuses untouched by society descend upon Vida, a euphoric planet of endless resources with a sentient race of beings dependent on strict guidance from their leaders. However, a simple scientific experiment becomes an epic story of war, discovery, and the battle to become… a MONARCH.

Created by A.C. Medina & Fernando Pinto
Written by A.C. Medina
Art by Fernando Pinto


A phenomenon they call “The Oblivion” has caused a huge percentage of the population – seemingly anyone with authority – to vanish without a trace.

As the world quickly falls apart, strange alien creatures and technology begin to appear, threatening the already hysterical populace.

When rumor spreads that a blind ten-year old boy has visions that connect him to the people who’ve vanished, the remaining population wants to either anoint him as a savior, or crucify him.

At its heart OBLIV18N is a rite-of-passage in the ultimate jungle, exploring: savagery vs. civility, independence vs. family, survival vs. ethics, violence vs. diplomacy.

Created by Ken Kristensen (Netflix’s THE PUNISHER) with art by Francesco Gaston (HULK, JUDGE DREDD).


Star Bastard follows a long-suffering crew led by the Galaxy’s most obnoxious jerk as they hunt a mysterious figure across the stars. Clumsily searching for answers to the mystery of their captain’s past, they leave a trail of pissed off aliens, dead bodies and unpaid bar tabs in their wake.



Think the comic industry’s next R-rated hit.

Created by Andrew Clemson
Art by Jethro Morales


In a world run by super-computers and where the judicial system is purely digital, there is no human error, just a singular artificial intelligence that calculates the outcome of every possible crime. From murder to drug deals, the computer determines the fate of all humanity. But there’s a crime that seems to have slipped through the cracks  – Who or what is the Cyber Spectre?

Created and written by Richard Emms with art by Ale Garza.

Review: Flash #45

Flash45Zoom’s plan to destroy the image of the Flash before killing him continues. A large portion of Central City is trapped beneath a dome of the Flash’s own energy and it is up to him to find a way to get everyone out alive.

The story again builds on Zoom’s plan to kill the Flash by destroying his reputation. By having the Flash be the power source for the dome, he hopes that he can turn the city against him. It works too. Captain Frye of the police force instantly sees him as an enemy. But, it does not make much sense. The entire story is full of leaps of logic that take away from the narrative. The captain blames the Flash for the dome, even though, he witnessed the Flash trigger a trap that was plainly set for him by the villains. Even after saving people, the Captain still believes he cannot be trusted for no sound reason. The twist ending also leads to a leap of logic which makes the entire story before it pointless. The final reveal could have happened the exact same way without the dome ever being a part of Zoom’s master plan. On the more positive side, Wally West’s growth as a heroic figure continues to be the most interesting part of this comic. As all of the adults around him continue to lose their cool, he is the only one able to stay calm and find a solution to their predicament.

The artwork is strong throughout. The dome creates a background of scarlet and lightning which adds a layer of tension and movement to almost every panel. Facial expressions are well portrayed and match very well the large scope of feelings being presented by the characters. The panel layouts are also visually striking and add a sense of chaos to the rapid movements of the Flash and Zoom.

Overall, The Flash #45 is a letdown that does not build on the story of the last few issues. The ending panel makes the entire Zoom arc so far irrelevant and over complicated. What could have been a fun action survival story turns into a waste of time as the narrative shift makes the entire affair seem pointless.

Story: Van Jensen Art: Brett Booth, Vicente Cifuentes, Ale Garza
Story: 6 Art: 7.5 Overall: 6.75 Recommendation: Pass

Anthony Bourdain’s Get Jiro: Blood and Sushi out in October from Vertigo

Vertigo, the imprint of DC Entertainment, announced it will release a prequel to 2012’s Get Jiro! from renowned chef and  New York Times bestselling author Anthony Bourdain along with co-writer Joel Rose, interior artist Alé Garza, and cover artist Dave Johnson. Reminiscent of a Yakuza action movie, Get Jiro: Blood and Sushi is set in Tokyo and tells the story of how Jiro’s two worlds collided as he worked for his father’s mob, yet pursued his love of cooking at night to become a chef.

In a release, Bourdain said:

Where did my ultra-violent sushi chef hero from the previous book come from? What if you were brought up in a family where murder is acceptable practice and making the best sushi on the planet is a shameful secret? I wanted to take the story back to its beginnings–in Japan (albeit a slightly-in-the-future, dystopic Japan), and indulge my own enthusiasms for both the place and the many classic genre films that have been made there. This is fun for me.

Co-writer Joel Rose added:

Tony and I wanted to revisit Jiro and go back to his origins. We took as our inspiration classic yakuza movies, Ichi the Killer, Battle Without Honor or Humanity, and a slew more. We were also looking for an artist with the chops to do the manga we saw as the book’s style, and thus, Alé Garza. We are thrilled to be back and can’t wait for fans to pick up the book.

Artist Alé Garza said:

When I was approached to work on the Get Jiro! prequel I was giddy with excitement! The idea of getting to create something with Anthony Bourdain was just so overwhelming. I also knew that I’d have to push myself harder creatively. Get Jiro: Blood and Sushi, has been just that, a creative push forward for myself as an artist. I’m doing my best to create an emotionally compelling world that fits suit with the previously released book. It’s really unlike any thing I’ve ever taken on.

Get Jiro: Blood and Sushi will hit shelves and be available for digital download on October 20, 2015. The original graphic novel will be 160 pages and available for $22.99.

Get Jiro.finalcover

Preview: Blood Queen #5

Blood Queen #5

Troy Brownfield (w)
Fritz Casas (a)
Jay Anacleto, Ivan Nunes (c)
Fans & retailers, order the cover of your choice!
FC • 32 pages • $3.99 • Mature
Alé Garza B&W Art retailer incentive cover
Jay Anacleto B&W Art retailer incentive cover

Desperate to prevent a war, the lands call together a Council of Kings (and we know that didn’t go well last time). Meanwhile, Jon Hunter and Sir Ferenc investigate a murder in the castle, the trail of which leads to a new conspiracy. As the conflicts escalate, Elizabeth leads Helena and Sara on a mission to uncover the secret of the burning fields. This leads her to a startling revelation and the specter of a new threat rising. And when she’s confronted with a harsh reality, how far will Elizabeth go in the name of blood and magic? Dynamite’s latest fantasy epic is building to a fever pitch in “Reign in Blood”!


Preview: The Blood Queen #4


Troy Brownfield (w)
Fritz Casas (a)
Jay Anacleto, Alé Garza (c)
Fans & retailers, order the cover of your choice!
FC • 32 pages • $3.99 • Mature
Alé Garza B&W Art retailer incentive cover
Jay Anacleto B&W Art retailer incentive cover

“Reign in Blood” continues as Elizabeth and Helena get a closer look at the power behind the throne. And as the king rides out to prevent a war, the battle may already be on its way to him! Plots and ambitions put everyone in danger, forcing Jon Hunter to reveal the lengths that he’ll go to for the crown. But what’s more frightening? A good person that goes too far, or someone that has no limits? The tension builds as Dynamite’s newest dark fantasy epic continues!


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