Graphic Policy believes in transparency, so that you, the reader and consumer, can make the most informed decisions possible. Here is what you need to know:

  • When an item has been provided for review for free a statement will be provided at the bottom of the post. Something like “Company X has provided Graphic Policy with a copy for FREE to review.” When this is not present, the item was paid for. This goes for toys, comics, movies, etc.
  • If the site is paid to run a story, runs stories when ads are bought, etc., we will also disclose this. This does not count for the few Google ads running on the site, we have no control over those, and we have no idea what’s running most of the time. We can run more than these ads, and if at some point we decide to, then there you go. We have been approached to be paid to post something, so far we have not taken up the offer.
  • Some links out are affiliate links. Ript Apparel, Nerd Block, Amazon, Loot Crate, and there might be some others, are examples of affiliate links. Check out URLs if in doubt. We do make some money off of these. Buy what you like, not what we promote. Sadly, we need to try to make money some way other than selling blood and organs.
  • If someone is employed (works with, interns, etc) by a company, they will not cover that same company. If they cover the topic, they will disclose their connection. An example is, an individual works with a publisher, and still covers comics, that should be disclosed. This will happen for a year after that relationship ends.
  • When it comes to crowd funding. We see no conflict in a post about such projects. If we find it cool enough to contribute to it, we probably think it’s cool enough to promote. If it’s our project, or we gain from it somehow, we will disclose that.
  • We make friends doing things. That doesn’t mean one can’t be objective. Friendships won’t be disclosed, sorry. We’re friendly folks. When we are provided things for coverage though, that will be disclosed, see above.
  • Reviews are opinions. We do not apologize for our opinions. Politics, societal commentary, history, conflicts, are all fair games for reviews. If some of that affects our opinion, it might yours, or would someone else. If you don’t like a particular contributor, don’t read that person’s posts. It’s that easy.

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