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A First Look at I Kill Giants

Based on the modern classic comic series from Joe Kelly and J. M. Ken Niimura, the first footage from I Kill Giants has been released.

Adapted by director Anders Walter, I Kill Giants stars Madison Wolfe, Sydney Wade, Zoe Saldana, and Imogen Poots.

The film tells the story of Barbara Thompson, a teenage girl who escapes her mundane life into a magical world of titans and giants. With the help of her friend Sophia and the school therapist, Barbara learns to battle the giants and face her fears, bullies at school, her sister, and difficult home life.

The movie debuted at this weekend’s Toronto Film Festival. A general release date has not been announced.

Mezco Toyz Shows of Wolverine Yellow/Blue One:12 Exclusive

This fall Wolverine is getting another One:12 Collective figure, this time in his classic yellow/blue outfit. The figure has a few other versions including his classic brown, Old Man Logan, and X-Force outfit.

The figure comes with two coweled head sculpts and one uncoweled as well as the mask of Ogun.

The figure will be availabe on the company’s site Wednesday September 13th and also available at their booth #1954 at New York Comic Con October 5th to 8th.

Mezco Toys has also have published some behind-the-scenes photos as well.

Marvel’s Inhumans Get Character Posters

Out this fall, Marvel’s Inhumans is a joint production between Marvel, ABC, and IMAX. Check out newly released character posters of the main characters below.

Marvel’s Inhumans will premiere a version of the first two episodes in IMAX theatres for a two-week period beginning September 1st. ABC will then air the entirety of the series on the network, with additional exclusive content that can only been seen on ABC. Marvel’s Inhumans will premiere on ABC on Friday, September 29th at 8:00-10:00pm ET/PT. (ABC)

Valiant Releases a New Look at Michael Rowe as Ninjak

On Monday, August 28th, Valiant and Bat in the Sun Productions will release the official trailer for Ninjak vs. the Valiant Universe a new brutal, six-episode, live-action digital event.

The digital series stars Michael Rowe as Colin King aka Ninjak. It also features Jason David Frank as Bloodshot, Derek Theler as X-O Manowar, John Hennigan as the Eternal Warrior, Ciera Foster as Livewire, Chantelle Barry as Roku, Kevin Porter as Armstrong, Alex Meglei as Archer, Damion Potter as Shadowman, and Craig Robert Young as Neville Alcott.

The series is directed by Aaron Schoenke and written by Aaron and Sean Schoenke, Joe Harris, and Andrew Rowe.

Valiant has also released a new look at Michael Rowe as Ninjak.




Rob Liefeld Gives Us a Look at Josh Brolin as Cable

We’ve seen how Domino will look in Deadpool 2 but what about the man with the very large guns? Cable creator Rob Liefeld has posted a look at what Cable will look like in the film. The popular character will be played by Josh Brolin.

Mezco Reveals the One:12 Collective Batman Ascending Knight Figure

Every Knight has a beginning and the One:12 Collective’s Batman starts here. The One:12 Collective Batman is a trilogy: the concept being that they’re telling a story of Batman’s career within their One:12 universe. A beginning, a middle and an end (so to speak).

The figure goes on pre-order August 9 and you can head to their website to check out the concept drawings that lead to the figure below.

The goal of the figure was to make his appearance to be contemporary enough that it was not retro looking but still have that first debut feel. This is the Batman of 10 years ago, as he just begins his war on crime. The purpose of doing this is so their second Batman (which is Batman in his prime) could exist currently in the timeline.

The Batman-Ascending Knight is Bruce Wayne still working things out, finding what works and what doesn’t. Some of his tech and gear is still a bit unfinished and raw. He is on a slightly leaner body in this version but his outfit is bulky to show that he has not yet fine tuned the Bat Suit.

The final figure also has nods and hit beats from the first appearance look of Batman. The shape of his cowl, the short gloved look and the smaller symbol on his chest are all inspired by how he appeared originally in the comics.

Marvel Legacy #1: Meet The 1,000,000 BC Avengers

Marvel‘s releasing more teasers about their direction driving Marvel Legacy #1. The issue introduces the Avengers of 1,000,000 BC – and that’s only the opening of the most important comic story of the year!


  • Who sent the call from Planet Hulk?
  • What is hunting for the Infinity Stones?
  • Where in the world is Captain America?
  • When will Thor fight the War of Realms?
  • Why does Jean Grey journey to Canada?
  • How has the body of Iron Man disappeared?


Featuring Thor, Ironheart, Captain America, Jean Grey, Iron Man Deadpool, The Thing, Odinson, Deadpool, Loki, Ghost Rider, Doctor Strange, the Human Torch, Gamora, Iron Fist, and practically every Marvel character ever.

Mysteries! Returns! Infinite possibilities!

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