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Kodansha Adds 8 New Series to Crunchyroll Manga

Kodansha Comics has added 8 new series to the Crunchyroll Manga simulpub streaming platform, bringing the leading manga publisher’s total on the service to 18. Subscribers to Crunchyroll can now read the latest chapters at the same time they’re published in Japan from even more Kodansha Comics manga series than ever before.

New additions  available for the first time on Crunchyroll Manga include A Silent Voicecreator Yoshotoki Oima’s follow-up to her smash hit, To Your Eternity, and Netflix OriginalKnights of Sidonia creator Tsutomu Nihei’s latest, APOSIMZ.

Crunchyroll subscribers will be able to read the latest chapters of every series as part of their Crunchyroll subscription, including chapters the same day they are first published in Japan (“simulpubs”). Recent chapters that have not yet been collected into graphic-novel format are also included for all subscribers. A comprehensive list of series on the platform, and the frequency of how often new chapters come out, is provided below.

Kodansha Comics will continue adding new series to Crunchyroll Manga in the coming months—more announcements to come. The following series will have new chapters released every week:

  • Fuuka by Kouji Seo
  • GTO: Paradise Lost by Toru Fujisawa
  • The Seven Deadly Sins by Nakaba Suzuki
  • Space Brothers by Chuya Koyama (biweekly)
  • To Your Eternity by Yoshitoki Oima
  • UQ Holder! by Ken Akamatsu

The following series will have new chapters released monthly:

  • Ajin: Demi-Human by Gamon Sakurai
  • APOSIMZ by Tsutomu Nihei
  • Attack on Titan by Hajime Isayama
  • Drifting Dragons by Taku Kuwabara
  • Farewell, My Dear Cramer by Naoshi Arakawa
  • Grand Blue Dreaming by Kenji Inoue and Kimitake Yoshioka
  • The Heroic Legend of Arslan by Yoshiki Tanaka and Hiromu Arakawa
  • Our Precious Conversations by Robico
  • Sweetness and Lightning by Gido Amagakure
  • Toppu GP by Kosuke Fujishima
  • Wave, Listen to Me! by Hiroaki Samura

The above represents all series Kodansha Comics currently releases as English-language simulpub chapters. For readers who don’t subscribe to Crunchyroll, individual chapters, including simulpubs, from all of those series can be bought and downloaded on comiXology and Kindle. Crunchyroll Manga features official and authorized Kodansha Comics translations that are the same ones for purchase on comiXology and Kindle.

The Young Master’s Revenge Launches this March from VIZ Media

VIZ Media delivers the print and digital release of The Young Master’s Revenge on March 6th.

The series, by creator Meca Tanaka, is rated ‘T’ for Teens and will be published under the Shojo Beat imprint. Meca Tanaka is also the creator of the acclaimed shojo manga series Meteor Prince (also published by VIZ Media).

Volume 1 of The Young Master’s Revenge carries a print MSRP of $9.99 U.S. / $12.99 CAN. The series also launches digitally via and the VIZ Manga App, as well as from the Nook, Kobo, Kindle, iBooks, comiXology, and Google Play stores. Future volumes will be published by VIZ Media on a quarterly basis.

In The Young Master’s Revenge, when Leo was a young boy, he had his pride torn to shreds by Tenma, a girl from a wealthy background who was always getting him into trouble. Now, years after his father’s successful clothing business has made him the heir to a fortune, he searches out Tenma to enact a dastardly plan – he’ll get his revenge by making her fall in love with him!

It’s Love is War on March 6th from VIZ Media

VIZ Media has announced the release date of the new romantic comedy Kaguya-Sama: Love is War on March 6th.

The series, by creator Aka Akasaka, is rated ‘T’ for Teens and will be published under the Shonen Jump imprint. Volume 1 carries a print MSRP of $9.99 U.S. / $12.99 CAN. KKaguya-Sama: Love is War also launches digitallyvia and the VIZ Manga App, as well as from the Nook, Kobo, Kindle, iBooks, comiXology, and Google Play stores. Future volumes of the series will be published by VIZ Media on a bi-monthly basis.

As leaders of their prestigious academy’s student council, Kaguya and Miyuki are the elite of the elite! But it’s lonely at the top… Luckily for them, they’ve fallen in love! There’s just one problem—they both have too much pride to admit it. And so begins the daily scheming to get the object of their affection to confess their romantic feelings first… Love is a war you win by losing.

VIZ Media & Rose City Games Forge A Partnership To Develop Video Games

Rose City Games and VIZ Media have announced a partnership to debut original, narrative-driven games. Rose City Games, a leader in the rapidly-developing indie game scene, will introduce new and diverse voices from the world of indie games to the massive pop culture audience VIZ Media has cultivated since its founding.

The first title to be published by VIZ Media will be the supernatural action/adventure game, The World Next Door, developed by Rose City Games and featuring character designs by illustrator Lord Gris.

The World Next Door is a narrative-driven game that centers around Jun, a rebellious teen girl trapped in a parallel world inhabited by magical creatures. Inspired by the emotional storytelling and thrilling action of both anime and indie games, players can expect to meet and develop friendships with an eclectic cast of characters while uncovering the mysteries hidden within this world.

The World Next Door is currently in full production with a planned release on PC. VIZ Media is slated to release two more games developed by Rose City Games over the next few years, and is currently accepting publishing inquiries from developers with games at all stages of production.

Tokyopop Engages IDW International as Global Sales Agent

IDW Publishing and Tokyopop have announced that IDW’s international arm will be managing the Tokyopop foreign rights catalogue for non-English language markets. IDW International oversees all international licensing of the diverse IDW catalogue and its partners, which continues to grow year after year. Tokyopop’s foreign rights catalogue consists of over 100 manga and graphic novel IPs featuring a diverse range of characters and stories from talented creators worldwide.

Founded in 1997 by media entrepreneur Stu Levy, Tokyopop, part of POP Media Holdings, established the market for manga in North America, introducing the term to the English language in the process. Over its history, Tokyopop has published thousands of books, distributed anime and Asian films on home video and television, licensed merchandise to consumer goods companies, created graphic novels of major brands, and led the way digitally in social media, e-commerce, and user-generated content.

As a welcome addition to the rapidly growing division representing a wide range of publishers and brands, Tokyopop joins Oni Press and Archie Comics in working alongside IDW International.

VIZ Media delivers a fun new shojo manga romantic comedy with the release of Takane & Hana on February 6th

VIZ Media delivers a fun new romantic comedy with the release of Takane & Hana on February 6th.

The series, by creator Yuki Shiwasu, is rated ‘T’ for Teens and will be published under the Shojo Beat imprint. Volume 1 carries a print MSRP of $9.99 U.S. / $12.99 CAN. Takane & Hana also launches digitally via and the VIZ Manga App, as well as from the Nook, Kobo, Kindle, iBooks, comiXology, and Google Play stores. Future volumes of the series will be published in English by VIZ Media on a bi-monthly basis.

In Takane & Hana, after her older sister refuses to go to an arranged marriage meeting with Takane Saibara, the heir to a vast business fortune, high schooler Hana Nonomura agrees to be her stand-in in order to save face for the family. But when Takane and Hana pair up, get ready for some sparks to fly between these two utter opposites!

VIZ Media Acquires Publishing Rights For RWBY Official Manga Anthology Series

VIZ Media expands its RWBY catalog with publishing plans for a line of RWBY Official Manga Anthologies this summer.

The RWBY Official Manga Anthologies will be published in English under the VIZ Signature imprint and will be rated ‘T’ for Teens. Each of the four character-focused anthologies contain more than 15 short stories by different Japanese manga creators. Bonus messages are also included from the voice actors who play the featured characters in the animated series, along with additional notes from RWBY character designer, Ein Lee, and various anthology illustrators.

Debuting Summer 2018, the first anthology features Team RWBY leader, Ruby Rose, while the second anthology, featuring Weiss Schnee, is set for publication later in 2018. More details on anthologies featuring Blake Belladonna and Yang Xiao Long is forthcoming.

In RWBY, the world of Remnant is filled with horrific monsters bent on the destruction of humanity. Fortunately, the kingdoms of the world have risen to combat these forces by training powerful Huntsmen and Huntresses at academies around the planet. Ruby Rose, Weiss Schnee, Blake Belladonna, and Yang Xiao Long are four such Huntresses in training.

This anthology series of shorts allows manga creators to step into the world of RWBY. Each volume showcases a different member of Team RWBY and brings the powerful Huntresses to life!

VIZ Media recently launched the single-volume RWBY manga by creator Shirow Miwa. The manga is inspired by the popular online anime-style series originally created by Monty Oum and produced by Austin, TX-based Rooster Teeth Productions. RWBY was the first western-produced anime series to be distributed in Japan.

VIZ Media Delivers the Home Media Release Of Terraformers This Tuesday

VIZ Media has announced the home media release of the sci-fi horror anime series Terraformers on January 23rd.

The Terraformers Blu-ray/DVD Combo Pack contains 13 episodes on two Blu-ray discs and two DVDs and carries an MSRP of $59.99 U.S. / $69.99 CAN. Blu-ray episodes are presented in full 1080p HD, 16×9 video with stereo audio featuring English and Japanese dialogue options. Notable Blu-ray exclusives include a digital art gallery and behind the scenes interviews with the English voice cast and an interview with VIZ Media’s Animation and Manga Staff.

In the deep silence of space, the planet Mars hisses with death. On Earth, a mysterious virus is devastating the human race. To find a cure and give humanity a fighting chance of survival, a multinational team of genetically modified citizens must race to the Red Planet and uncover its secrets. What awaits is the bloody aftermath of a colonization attempt gone horribly wrong–hordes of hyper-evolved cockroaches known as “Terraformars” roam keen to kill. Earth’s chosen stand ready for combat and ready to change the course of human history. The question is which species can unite for victory.

The Terraformers home media edition features a talented English voice cast highlighted by Christopher Niosi (Akari Hizamaru), Erica Lindbeck (Michelle K. Davis), Chris Smith (Shokichi Komachi), Cherami Leigh (Kanako Sanjo), Patrick Seitz (Sylvester Asimov), Cristina Vee (Eva Frost), and Robbie Daymond (Marcos Eringrad Garcia).

Kodansha Comics Announces Fairy Tail Final Volume Celebration

The iconic manga series Fairy Tail by Hiro Mashima, one of North America’s—and the world’s— all-time best-selling comics, will be releasing its final volume—Volume 63—on January 23To mark the eventFairy Tail publisher Kodansha Comics has announced #FairyTailDay celebrations at participating bookstores across the country on January 27.

On January 23, fans will have a chance to party with their fellow Fairy Tail friends “IRL” on #FairyTailDay January 27 at over 50 participating bookstores.

The first 50 fans to show up at participating stores on #FairyTailDay will receive an exclusive, full-color, 48-page, comic-book version of the final chapter of Fairy Tail. This will be the only way to get this Fairy Tail Day-exclusive chapter.

Those who show up in cosplay are eligible to win a free enamel pin. Creative types will have a shot at a pin in the “Design Your Own Guild Mark” contest. All attendees will be able to take photos in front of an exclusive Fairy Tail Day photo backdrop. Fans who hashtag #FairyTailDay on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter will also qualify for a surprise.

A list of participating locations is viewable here. Fans should check with their local stores to confirm start times.

Tokyopop Launches Konohana Kitan, Futaribeya, and Hanger in 2018

Tokyopop has announced its initial plans for moving back into Japanese manga English-language licenses with three new series.

Konohana Kitan is the first title in the publisher’s newest licenses, a slice of life fantasy story adapted into a hit anime currently streaming on Crunchyroll and Funimation. Created by Sakuya Amano, Konohana Kitan is the heartwarming story of a new apprentice named Yuzu, and the other fox girls who work at a hot spring hotel called Konohatei. The staff at Konohatei live by one belief: no matter who one may truly be, no matter what, anyone who is a guest is a god. Of course, that includes you. Let the hospitality of Yuzu and the Konohatei heal your tired soul.

Also debuting is Futaribeya, a slice of life yonkoma (four-panel vertical comic strip) manga series by Yukiko. About to start her first year of high school, Sakurako Kawawa settles into her new lodgings. But when she meets her new roommate — the beautiful Kasumi Yamabuki — everything changes! From day one the responsible, level-headed Sakurako and lazy, easygoing Kasumi find themselves at odds with one another, but with their matching mugs and one bed to share, Sakurako and Kasumi’s friendship is just beginning!

The third new title is Hirotaka Kisaragi‘s Hanger, an action-packed Boys Love series set in a crime-ridden future version of Tokyo. In Neo-Tokyo, crime is rising rapidly in the wake of a new generation of super-drugs capable of enhancing the user’s physical and mental abilities. Hajime Tsukomo is a new recruit on a federal task force trained to go after these powered-up criminals. Now he must team up with Zeroichi, a so-called Hanger looking to reduce his own jail sentence in exchange for helping to take down these chemically-boosted bad guys.

​Print copies will retail for $12.99 while digitally each volume will be available for $9.99. Details on the upcoming 2018 Tokyopop manga releases are as follows:

  • Konohana Kitan with story and art by Sakuya Amano is rated Teen. Each volume is 176 pages with volume one being released 6/19/2018, volume two on 8/21/2018, volume three on 10/23/2018, and volume four on 12/4/2018.
  • Futaribeya with story and art by Yukiko is rated Teen with each volume coming in at 160 pages. The first volume will be released 9/4/2018 and second 11/16/2018.
  • Hanger with story and art by Hirotaka Kisaragi is rated Older Teen. Volume one is 192 pages and will be released 7/18/2018. Volume two is 208 pages and will be released on 9/4/2018.
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