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Powers of X #6

It’s a new week and we’re getting prepared for Baltimore Comic Con. Who’s going? Sound off below! While you get the week started, here’s some comic news and reviews from around the web in our morning roundup.

CBLDF – The 11 Top Comics in Classrooms (& Free Resources for Each) – This is a pretty great collection of resources.

ComicBook – James Gunn Says WB Offered Him “Basically Whatever” He Wanted – As they should.


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Powers of X #6
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The Seventh Voyage

NYCC 2022: Yen Press reveals 10 new titles

During the Yen Press Industry Panel at New York Comic Con 2022, Yen Press, LLC announced the acquisition of ten highly anticipated releases—a list that includes What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim?, the print edition of the 2015 webtoon of the same title, which was later adapted into a South Korean television series in 2018. This slate of Yen Press announcements includes new manga (Reborn as a Vending Machine, I Now Wander the Dungeon; Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? Familia Chronicle Episode Freya; Sugar Apple Fairy Tale; The Witch and the Knight Will SurviveWords Bubble Up Like Soda Pop), novels (Sasaki and Miyano: First-Years; Words Bubble Up Like Soda Pop; Spy Classroom Short Story Collection), manhwa (What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim?), and a fan book (Horimiya Memorial Book Page. 100).

Horimiya Memorial Book Page. 100

Story by HERO
Art by Daisuke Hagiwara

A snapshot of the sweet, “aww”-inspiring tale of school life!

Celebrating the first hundred chapters of Horimiya, collected in this memorial book are a treasure trove of original illustrations posted in commemoration of new chapter releases, a sneak peek at a few of the storyboards before they went to print…and more!

Horimiya Memorial Book Page. 100

What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim?

Art by MyeongMi Kim
Original Story by GyeongYun Jeong

Vice Chairman Youngjun Lee and Secretary Miso Kim have been the star duo of their company for nine years…until Miso suddenly decides to quit! But Youngjun is smart, rich, and used to getting what he wants—and he wants Miso to stay. So when he finds out she’s leaving in order to find a husband, the only logical way to keep her at his side is…offering to marry her?! Too bad she’s just not that into him!

What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim?

Sasaki and Miyano: First-Years (novel)

Original Story by Shou Harusono
Adapted by Kotoko Hachijo

Welcome, one and all—to the fabulous life and times of Sasaki, Miyano, and their closest companions! How did Kuresawa meet his girlfriend? Were Miyano and Kuresawa always friends? Why are Miyano and Hirano so close? The answers to these questions—and many more—will be revealed in Sasaki and Miyano: First-Years! 

Sasaki and Miyano: First-Years (novel)

Reborn as a Vending Machine, I Now Wander the Dungeon (manga)

Story by Hirukuma
Art by Kunieda and Hagure Yuuki

Cause of death: vending machine.

Is there any end more suitable for a vending machine enthusiast than giving his life to cushion the fall of one of his favorite machines? So perhaps it was only fate that he was reborn as a vending machine in another world!

Reborn as a Vending Machine, I Now Wander the Dungeon (manga)

Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? Familia Chronicle Episode Freya (manga)

Original Story by Fujino Omori
Art by Hinase Momoyama, nilitsu, and Suzuhito Yasuda

The second entry in the Familia Chronicle series has arrived, and this time, Freya’s stealing the spotlight! In search of her soulmate, she’s guided by fate to the Kaios Desert, where she comes upon a young king. Could he be the one she seeks…?

Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? Familia Chronicle Episode Freya (manga)

Sugar Apple Fairy Tale (manga)

Original Story by Miri Mikawa
Adapted by YozoranoUdon
Character Design by Aki

In a world where fairies are bought and sold to the highest bidder, humans aren’t exactly on friendly terms with the fae folk. But friendship is exactly what Anne Halford seeks with Challe, her new fairy bodyguard, though he’s not so keen on the idea. As his new master, Anne tasks him with escorting her through a particularly dangerous area, but with a reluctant bodyguard eager to escape a life of servitude, she’ll have to deal with a lot more than she bargained for…

Sugar Apple Fairy Tale (manga)

The Witch and the Knight Will Survive

Story by Dai Chikamoto
Art by Gonbe Shinkawa

When the lord’s son, Agredios, returns to his village after a long hunt, he is shocked to discover that all the laughter and clamor that he knew so well has disappeared. When he finds out that the cause of the tragedy is a “witch” living in the “Forbidden Forest,” he turns his despair into rage and sets off on a journey seeking revenge for those he loved…

The Witch and the Knight Will Survive

Spy Classroom Short Story Collection (novel)

Story by Takemachi
Illustration by Tomari

Klaus reveals he is married to a member of Lamplight, but the identity of the bride remains unknown—and so a battle ensues among the girls to determine who it is. Get a peek into the girls’ daily lives in this collection of short stories!

Spy Classroom Short Story Collection (novel)

Words Bubble Up Like Soda Pop (novel and manga)

By Kyohei Ishiguro
Manga Art by Imo Oono

Smile is a popular streamer who’s self-conscious about her looks. Cherry is a shy boy with a love of haiku. When these two strangers accidentally bump into each other at the local mall, it’s the start of a new relationship woven by their modern and classical expressions of their feelings. Based on the gorgeous animated film!

Preview: The Return of Chilling Adventures in Sorcery

The Return of Chilling Adventures in Sorcery

Script: Eliot Rahal, Sina Grace, Casey Gilly
Art: Vincenzo Federici, Corin Howell, Liana Kangas
Colors: Matt Herms, Glenn Whitmore
Letters: Jack Morelli
Cover: Julius Ohta
Variant Cover: Francesco Francavilla
On Sale Date: 10/26
32-page, full color comic
$3.99 U.S.

Madam Satan escaped Hell a fugitive and hated woman by Satan and his thralls. She’s now principal of Baxter High and Hell has come to Earth. With each classroom acting as a portal to the different circles in Hell, Madam Satan must recruit similar tortured souls if she has any chance of survival… all leading up to a Madam Satan and her army vs. Satan and his in this highly-anticipated follow-up to last year’s hit Chilling Adventures in Sorcery!

The Return of Chilling Adventures in Sorcery

Denver Pop Culture/Comic Con is now Fan Expo Denver

Fan Expo Denver

Fan Expo has taken over the Denver Pop Culture/Comic Con which will now be known as Fan Expo Denver. The convention will still work with Pop Culture Classroom. Pop Culture Classroom will be the convention’s featured charity.

Fan Expo is one of the major convention companies, this one founded in Canada. Owned by Informa Canada, other conventions include Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo, Fan Expo Canada, Fan Expo Boston, Fan Expo Dallas, MegaCon, and Game Developers Conference.

2020 was a rough year for conventions and 2021’s future is unknown. In December 2020, Denver Pop Culture/Comic Con announced the 2021 convention was canceled. A plea for fundraising help was put out by Pop Culture Classroom at the same time.

Cherish Chen joins artists David Lafuente and Miquel Muerto for Radiant Red

Writer Cherish Chen joins artists David Lafuente and Miquel Muerto for the upcoming Radiant Red. This new, five-issue miniseries reunites the fan-favorite creative team behind Kyle Higgins and Marcelo Costa’s Radiant Black #6 issue and expands the Radiant Red character’s story. It is set to launch this March from Image Comics

To her students, Satomi Sone is a diligent middle school teacher. To her fiancé and parents, she’s the rock of their family. To the world, she’s Radiant Red, a criminal turned matter-absorbing superhero.

But with a mysterious stranger in her classroom, a nosy reporter on her doorstep, and $2.5 million hidden in the air vents of her house, she’s going to have to decide who she is, and quickly—before the world chooses for her.

Radiant Red #1 will be available at comic book shops on Wednesday, March 16. 

Looking at Trauma: A Tool Kit for Clinicians is New in Graphic Medicine

Graphic Medicine is the interesting space of healthcare and comics. It’s a growing sector in the comic industry and something we’ll be covering more here.

Looking at Trauma: A Tool Kit for Clinicians is an easy-to-use, engaging resource designed to address the challenges health care professionals face in providing much-needed trauma psychoeducation to clients with histories of childhood trauma.

Topics covered include complex posttraumatic stress disorder, emotion regulation, memory, relationship patterns, and self-care. Each chapter features step-by-step instructions on how to use the treatment models with clients; practical educational tips from experienced clinicians in the field of childhood trauma; interactive trauma education comics; a foundational framework focused on care for the provider; and references for further study.

Intended for use in therapeutic, clinical, and classroom settings, this book is a valuable resource for all healthcare workers. In particular, social workers, psychotherapists, spiritual care providers, nurses, occupational therapists, psychologists, primary care physicians, and psychiatrists will find this tool kit indispensable.

The graphic novel is edited by Abby Hershler, Lesley Hughes, Patricia Nguyen, and Shelley Wall and available now to order.

Dog Man: Twenty Thousand Fleas Under the Sea is coming March 2023

Dog Man: Twenty Thousand Fleas Under the Sea

Readers and retailers rejoice! Scholastic has announced that 2023 will be a big and exciting year for kids and families everywhere with the publication of a new Dog Man graphic novel. Dog Man: Twenty Thousand Fleas Under the Sea, the newest book in the #1 global bestselling and critically-acclaimed series will release on March 28, 2023, simultaneously in the U.S., Canada, U.K., Australia, New Zealand, and throughout Asia. This eleventh installment in the series follows Dog Man: Mothering Heights which dominated both children’s and adult bestseller lists, and was the #1 bestselling book overall in 2021, selling more than 2 million copies to date in the U.S. alone. In just over five years since Dog Man launched to multiple starred reviews, there are more than 50 million copies of the Dog Man books in print with translations in 42 languages. DreamWorks Animation is currently developing a movie adaptation of Dog Man.

The phenomenal success of Dog Man has also helped to drive the comic book industry, and Dav Pilkey’s global domination continues on November 29, 2022 with the release of Cat Kid Comic Club: Collaborations, the newest book in his #1 worldwide bestselling Cat Kid Comic Club graphic novel series, a spin-off of Dog Man. With more than 90 million copies in print to date, the Captain Underpants series will soon mark its 25th anniversary. To celebrate the milestone of Pilkey’s popular series widely-credited for helping to create the illustrated children’s chapter book category, Scholastic will publish on March 7, 2023 a special anniversary edition of the first Captain Underpants book, The Adventures of Captain Underpants, featuring a bonus 32-page all-new comic mash-up starring Dog Man and Captain Underpants, bringing together two iconic characters in a never-before-told story.

 Dav Pilkey’s Epic Comic Club

To engage and bring together its millions of fans worldwide, Scholastic also announced the official launch of Dav Pilkey’s Epic Comic Club, a new global online platform where kids can create their own comics. The COPPA-compliant site,, opens up with a special message from Dav Pilkey encouraging kids to have fun making comics, and features a place where kids can upload their stories in a safe and moderated environment, along with an “Epic Comic Club Wall” to showcase their comic creations. The online hub includes free monthly downloadable activities including comic starters, customizable official membership cards, collectible character badges, special sneak peeks, exclusive book news, and more. The Epic Comic Club site also will serve as a destination for educators, booksellers, parents, and caregivers around the globe to access free resources including tips on how to start their own Epic Comic Clubs at home, in bookstores, classrooms, or libraries. Additionally, Scholastic has created a special section on its existing HomeBase platform as another portal where kids can submit their comics and access more games inspired by Dav Pilkey’s beloved characters.

The 2021 Ringo Awards Jury Has Been Announced

The Mike Wieringo Comic Book Industry Awards is an annual celebration of the creativity, skill, and fun of comics. The awards will be presented on Saturday, September 23, 2021 as part of the fan- and pro-favorite convention, The Baltimore Comic-Con. The Ringo Awards is currently in the midst of the 2021 nomination process, which is inclusive of fans and comic book professionals alike. You can submit your nominations before voting closes at midnight on June 24, 2021.

An esteemed jury of comics professionals will participate in the nomination process, selecting favorite works in over 20 categories. The 2021 jury was chosen as a representative cross-section of the comic book industry, with members representing seasoned and venerated educators, retailers, publishers, press, and creators across numerous genres.

Amy Dallen is a host and writer for geek media, both independently and on shows for Geek & Sundry (The Wednesday ClubTalkin’ Comics Weekly), DC Universe (former host of DC Daily), and Collider (Collider Heroes). She is known for her performances (Callisto 6Shield of Tomorrow), tabletop and video game streaming, and for her commentary drawing on over a decade in comics retail as a staff member at House of Secrets in Burbank, CA.

Dr. Katie Monnin is the first author to discuss teaching with graphic novels in 21st century classrooms. Alongside the award-winning Teaching Graphic Novels (2010), she has also written eight more books about teaching graphic novels and pop culture in 21st century classrooms. In 2018, Dr. Monnin created and launched Why so serious? Productions, an educational organization that creates curriculum and resource materials for teaching pop culture literature in 21st century classrooms. Dr. Monnin also wrote a monthly column for Diamond Bookshelf called “Katie’s Korner: Graphic Novel Reviews for Schools and Libraries” from 2010 – 2020. DC Comics also works with Dr. Monnin to create academic reading guides for DC’s most famous and upcoming literary titles.

John Siuntres has been part of the Chicago Radio and TV scene since 1991, hosting and producing shows for CBS Radio, CBS-TV, ESPN, Fox Sports Network, and the former Sporting News Radio Network. He covered the sport of boxing for these outlets and as a writer for Ring and Boxing Illustrated magazines. In 1998, John was nominated for a Chicago Sports Emmy Award for Best On Air Performance. In May of 2005, John created the Word Balloon Podcast, a talk show podcast featuring one on one interviews with comic book creators, novelists, screenwriters, and actors. In 2011 USA TODAY’S POP CANDY Blogger Whitney Matheson rated Word Balloon the number 1 comic book podcast. John was also featured on The Science Channel as an on-camera expert on the 8-part TV series, Prophets Of Science Fiction.

Steenz is a St. Louis-based cartoonist, editor, and professor. She’s the cartoonist on the syndicated comic strip Heart Of The City, the co-creator of Dwayne McDuffie Award-winning GN Archival Quality, and is featured in short story anthologies such as Eisner- and Ignatz Award-winning Elements: FireMine!, and Dead Beats. Steenz launched and edited the popular RPG periodical Rolled & Told. She participates in and creates community building comics-related programming, and is a frequent panelist at comic cons. Steenz currently teaches cartooning at Webster University while editing titles from Mad Cave Studios.

Brian Stelfreeze, one of the original Gaijin Studios members, is a multi-talented artist, with experience and credits penciling, inking, coloring, painting, and even writing. His comic book covers have gained him much attention and lauding, and his run painting covers on DC Comics’ Shadow of the Bat for over 50 issues is noteworthy by itself. Brian’s creative output can be found on BOOM! Studios’ Day Men, Marvel Comics’ Black Panther, and be sure to pick up BOOM! Studios’ The Signature Art of Brian Stelfreeze to get a definitive look at the works of his publishing career.

Review: Spy Classroom Vol. 1

A group of trainees are brought together for an impossible mission but they quickly find out they’re all the worst from their class. Can this group of flunkies become spies? Find out in Spy Classroom Vol. 1!

Original story: Takemachi
Character design: Tomari
Series editors: Akimasa Sasao, Ryouya Kusuki, Hikari Saitou
Manga script: Takemachi
Manga editor: Onohata
Translation: Nathaniel Hiroshi Thrasher
Letterer: Arbash Mughal

Get your copy now! To find a comic shop near you, visit or call 1-888-comicbook or digitally and online with the links below.


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It’s a “Month of Mayhem” from Archie Horror this Fall

Archie Comics is taking over Spooky Season with four all-new horror comics launching in October, also known as Archie Horror’s Month of Mayhem! Headlined by a sequel to last year’s Chilling Adventures in Sorcery, the rest of the lineup includes campfire tales for kids, an ’80s-tinted solo adventure for Sabrina’s cat Salem, and a Twilight Zone-esque flight into the sci-fi side of horror.

Leading the initiative in late September, Chilling Adventures Presents… Weirder Mysteries is a trio of dark sci-fi tales kicked off by writer Frank Tieri in a welcome return to the universe of his previous hit Archie Horror series, with art by Federico Sabbatini.

The issue is rounded out with two stories written by Joanne Starer and Ron Robbins with art by Juan Bobillo and Ryan Jampolefeaturing rare appearances by Bingo Wilkin, star of the ’70s comic series That Wilkin Boy, and Alexandra Cabot, a foil for Josie and the Pussycats.

Archie Comics’ beloved teenage witch Sabrina Spellman is no stranger to Archie Horror, having headlined her own comic, Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, that spawned a Netflix streaming series. Like any good witch, Sabrina has a magical feline familiar named Salem, and now, horror-loving cat fanciers will have something to celebrate on October 12 when he stars in his first solo title, Chilling Adventures of Salem! Written by comics horror master Cullen Bunn with evocative nostalgic “horror paperback” art by Dan Schoeningthe one-shot follows Salem as he helps neighborhood animals exact revenge on those who’ve caused them harm.

Archie Horror’s first foray into middle grade chills debuts October 19 with Fear the FunhouseInspired by genuinely scary children’s horror like Goosebumps and Are You Afraid of the Dark?, the one-shot anthology features a framing sequence in which younger versions of the core Archie Comics cast tell each other increasingly terrifying stories by a campfire. It boasts three stories written by Micol OstowMagdalene Visaggioand Michael Northrop with art by Lisette CarreraRyan Caskeyand Diana Camero.

Rounding out Archie Horror’s inaugural Month of Mayhem on October 26 is The Return of Chilling Adventures in Sorcerya direct sequel to last year’s smash hit one-shot starring the iconic Sabrina villain, Madam Satan! Our titular anti-hero has escaped Hell and is on the loose, but not for long; Satan is on the hunt and she’s now hiding in Baxter High, posing as the school’s principal. Each classroom seems to be a portal back to Hell — and our window into a new scary story — culminating in a climactic showdown. Original framing sequence writer Eliot Rahal returns to pick up the thread here, along with writers Sina Grace and Casey Gillyand artists Vincenzo FedericiCorin Howelland Liana Kangas.

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