Crowdfunding Corner: Depths is a graphic novel about grief, depression, and the strength it takes to carry on

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A 1930s engineer gets trapped underwater for 3 years in a diving suit of his own creation. His friend searches for him against all odds.

Depths: Book One is a 112-page graphic novel about grief, depression, and the strength it takes to carry on. It’s a story about overcoming impossible odds when even taking a single step seems overwhelming.

Depths is from writers Dalton Shannon and Wells Thompson, art by J. Schiek, color by Rajesh Kumar, and lettering by Nathan Kempf.

Emil Parker is a brilliant engineer, a 1930s Oxford Scholar, and his latest creation is going to change the way we explore the ocean. A perpetual diving suit capable of sustaining someone underwater indefinitely, it’s nothing short of a miracle of modern technology. Emil pilots the suit in its first outing to the public and promises to stay underwater for a full day–but during the expedition, something grabs a hold of Emil and drags him to the bottom of the Ocean.

Alone and forsaken, Emil spends the next three years trying to get back to the surface battling the elements, sea monsters of legend, and his own inner demons. Meanwhile, on the surface, his best friend James Harrigan is on a wild goose chase trying to find Emil, presumed dead since the day he was dragged to the depths. It’s a harrowing story of survival, guilt, and redemption that reads like The Martian meets 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea.

Have you ever felt so low you weren’t sure you could keep going? Like the world was collapsing around you and just surviving until tomorrow was a monumental task? Have you ever felt like you were drowning?

Just 48 hours remain!

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