Small Press Expo Announces Signups for Workshops at SPX 2022

Small Press Expo 2022

For the first time in three years, participants will be able to sign up for a variety of workshops at Small Press Expo. These are aimed at a wide range of ages and skill sets, from kids just starting out to experienced cartoonists looking to sharpen their skills.

Tom Hart, founder of the Sequential Artists Workshop (SAW), will be leading a workshop, as well as several cartoonists associated with SAW. Small Press Expo also has several graduates of the Center for Cartoon Studies leading workshops.

SPX will also host two sessions from Crowdfundr, the sponsor of the Ignatz Awards, who are presenting alternatives for comics project fundraising. Here are a few highlights of this year’s workshops:

  • Bodies, Birth, and Death: A Comics Workshop With Tom Hart
  • Drawing Cute, a Comics Workshop With Shauna A. Grant
  • Making Science Comics: Dinosaur Edition With Coco Fox and Annabel Driussi
  • Figure Drawing For Cartoonists with Danielle Corsetto and Babs New

You can sign up for any of the 14 workshops at this year’s show here on the SPX web site.