Iron Man gets Venomized in a new figure from Hot Toys

Get a look at the Hot Toys’ new Venomized Iron Man 1/6 Scale Figure.

Drawing inspiration from the animated series Marvel’s Spider-Man: Maximum Venom, this visually stunning 1/6 scale figure depicts a “Venomized” Iron Man partially consumed by the alien symbiote.

Iconic Hong Kong-based comic artist Mr. Khoo Fuk-lung brought his own unique vision to the design, which was then translated to 3D by the renowned sculptor, Mr. Joseph Tsang.

The Venomized Iron Man 1/6 Scale Figure features two newly developed headsculpts — one half Venom and half Iron Man with a light up eye, and one fully “Venomized” head — as well as two interchangeable protruding tongues. The diecast Iron Man armor, with its stylish design, gleaming metallic finish, and glowing arc reactor, contrasts with the oily organic blue/black sheen of the symbiote and its protruding articulated pincers.

The exclusive Special Edition includes an interchangeable symbiote sword.

The Venomized Iron Man 1/6 Scale Figure and the Special Edition are available to pre-order.

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