The Boys Omnibuses and Comics Come to Kickstarter

With the latest season of The Boys recently launched, Dynamite has announced a great new way for fans to jump into The Boys comic books and binge the original stories alongside the third season, with a pop-up shop on Kickstarter offering a ton of options to match everyone’s interests, including the deluxe way to read the series and rare collectible comics.

The Boys is now one of the biggest phenomena in the world, with Amazon’s smash hit TV adaptation on Prime Video. Now fans new and old can experience the original comic series for the first time, or once more in the most premium package. Also produced in celebration of the 15th anniversary of the series, The Boys oversized omnibuses are a deluxe presentation set of three hardcovers. The books measure at 7.4 by 11.1 inches, with larger pages and a dust jacket in the popular format for collectors. Writer and co-creator Garth Ennis played a role in bringing these volumes to life, and they will pair well for those readers who may already own his celebrated work on titles like PreacherPunisher, and Hellblazer in this form.

Across the three volumes, the entire 90 issue saga that ran from 2006 to 2012 is reprinted. The core story is joined in each volume by extras, including introductions, script excerpts, art process, and a gallery of every alternate cover. Each volume is around 800 pages. The first includes issues #1-30. Then the second includes #31-47, as well as both six issue companion miniseries Herogasm and Highland Laddie. With the former being a crucial part of the new third season. Lastly, the third book includes #48-72 and Butcher, Baker, Candlestickmaker #1-6.

On Kickstarter, all three volumes are available individually or all together for a deal. All are also available signed by writer Garth Ennis or artist Darick Robertson, or the ultimate collector’s package of all three signed by both. There will be limited stock available on some of the rarest previous The Boys collectible comics.

In addition to the omnibuses, Dynamite is offering three special limited edition The Boys comics. Collectors can get Herogasm #1, Highland Laddie #1, and Butcher, Baker, Candlestickmaker #1 as logo-less “virgin” variants. This variation on the comics has never before been offered, and the kickoffs to these three essential miniseries are not to be missed. With spotlights on central characters Billy Butcher and Wee Hughie, as well as the most debaucherous and controversial story in the series, to be adapted on screen.

These limited time offers are also ideal for signed copies, and CGC grading to increase and ensure their longterm value as collectibles. Dynamite is directly offering these options for collectors. Holofoil editions of each limited to only 100 copies will be a great grail for The Boys fans.