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Mullet Cop Gets Animated!

Mullet Cop

Scout Comics & Entertainment LLC has partnered with screenwriter James Butler to develop Tom Lintern‘s post-apocalyptic sci-fi comedy Mullet Cop as an animated series. Kevin Biggins is attached as showrunner and Adriel Garcia will direct.

After a near-death experience, a mall cop goes undercover as a manager at an all-you-can-eat buffet. With the help of his coworkers and a supercomputer/microwave called M.I.T.T. (Mall Industries Two Thousand), he takes on crime boss Robogrannie and her gang of thugs.

James Butler has sold projects to MTV and Comedy Central, and is currently a writer on Hulu’s Animaniacs/Pinky & the Brain reboot. Along with Mullet Cop, James and his frequent collaborator, Jon Scott, are also currently developing an action feature with SR-48 productions.

Kevin Biggins is a stand-up, former Co-Executive Producer on Family Guy, and is currently an Executive Producer on Conquest at Netflix.  Adriel Garcia has worked on Superjail, Unikitty, and most recently Animaniacs

Tom Lintern is an illustrator and storyboard artist with clients in the publishing, video game, and advertising industry. His clients have ranged from Penguin Books and Simon & Schuster to ESPN and McDonald’s. Lintern wrote and illustrated his first comic book series Girrion in 2015 and Mullet Cop in 2021, both published by Scout Comics.