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Fremantle and AWA Studios Form a TV Partnership

AWA Fremantle

Fremantle is pursuing its premium content push striking a strategic development deal with AWA Studios, the film and television division of AWA (Artists, Writers & Artisans), a leading independent developer of bold and relevant stories from the world’s most outstanding artists, writers, and artisans. 

The deal will allow Fremantle and AWA Studios to collaborate, mutually identify and co-develop a slate of TV projects based on AWA’s rapidly expanding IP library. 

The graphic fiction publisher and entertainment studio, which sold its millionth comic this year, was founded in 2018 by alumni of Marvel, DC, NBA, Fox, and MTV. AWA is unique in how it champions creators, supporting originality and enabling artists and writers to do their best work and retain ownership of their ideas.

Fremantle and AWA Studios will work in close collaboration in all aspects of this dynamic partnership, with Fremantle leading on raising production finance and funding the development of projects. Fremantle will run studio efforts and execute physical productions as well as handle international distribution for all projects launched under this partnership. 

AWA is backed by James Murdoch’s Lupa Systems, SISTER, and Lightspeed Venture Partners.  In early 2021, the company established AWA Studios, its Film and TV division, helmed by Hollywood veteran Zach Studin as President, who will oversee the partnership with Fremantle. Since its 2021 launch, AWA Studios has quickly amassed a robust Film and TV operation, having announced the feature film adaptation of Bryan Edward Hill’s graphic novel CHARIOT, which Warner Bros. acquired in competitive bidding for Joseph Kosinski (TOP GUN: MAVERICK) to direct, Julian Meiojas (JACK RYAN) adapting and 21 Laps (FREE GUY & ADAM PROJECT) producing in partnership with AWA.