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Meet the Leading Ladies of Image with the Leading Ladies Book Bundle

Leading Ladies Book Bundle

Image Comics and Humble Bundle have teamed up for a brand-new bundle featuring the leading ladies of Image. The Leading Ladies Book Bundle features 66 releases with a value of $733. By pledging $25 or more, you get every item. Saga, Monstress, Bitch Planet, Paper Girls, Lady Mechanika, and more are part of this charity fundraiser.

Catch up on the incredible journey of Alana and her daughter Hazel in volumes 1–9 of the landmark Saga series. Travel back in time for an 80s sci-fi adventure with Paper Girls Erin, MacKenzie, KJ, and Tiffany. Meet Maika, a young girl with a world-changing power in Monstress, created by Marjorie Liu—the first woman to win an Eisner Award for Best Writer. Discover these and more comics and graphic novels featuring unforgettable women leads, and support the Hero Initiative with your purchase!

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