Ablaze Reveals New Manga and Manwha Titles for the Summer


by O’Emperor and Gom-Guk • MSRP: $19.99
Release Date: August 17th • 330 Pages

Another Manhwa global hit comes to print!

The Webtoon sensation HEAVENLY DEMON REBORN! arrives this summer…the story of a hero and his journey of revenge!

In an ancient world where martial artists reign supreme, Unseong can only watch as his master is brutally beaten to death after a false accusation  of practicing forbidden demonic arts. Even after a valiant fight, he fails to kill those responsible and faces his own end. But fate has other plans… Instead of taking his last breath, he awakens as a child, training to be an elite soldier of a demonic sect. Now Unseong must embrace the demonic arts and harness power in his ultimate quest for revenge.


BLITZ, Vol. 1

by Cédric Biscay, Harumo Sanazaki and Daitaro Nishihara
MSRP: $12.99 • Release Date: September 14th • 224 Pages

As seen in the pages of Shonen Jump, BLITZ is a new shonen manga exploring the elite world of chess!

Immerse yourself into the world of chess, where intuition and mental agility are precious assets on the way to victory!

Tom, a young high school student, has a crush on  his classmate Harmony. When he learns about her passion for chess, Tom quickly decides to sign up for the school’s chess club. But he doesn’t even know the rules! To impress Harmony, he is left with no choice: he must learn quickly and train seriously. Soon Tom discovers the existence of Garry Kasparov, the greatest player in the history of chess. He stumbles upon a virtual reality machine that promises to help him analyze the most legendary matches of the master!

In an unexpected twist of event, Tom soon is granted access to the highest echelons of the chess world…

Bonus material included: 

In each volume, chess strategy tips and a chess lexicon to turn every reader into a chess master!

BLITZ, Vol. 1