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Hawkeye Squared: from Comics to Disney+

Hawk-guy John Arminio guests host our discussion of the iconic Hawkeye comics series created by Matt Fraction and David Aja AND the new Hawkeye TV series on Disney+.

With Arminio are guests Scott Thorough and Kat Overland. They also get into how to create a comic that has a real sense of place, what New York smells like, Clint Barton’s terrible personal life, and Kate Bishop’s LA vacation with… Elliot Gould?! PLUS: John learns how to pronounce “David Aja” and everyone gives some great recommendations if Hawkeye has you hungry for more amazing comics! 

Scott is a Brooklyn-born social worker currently based in Baltimore. He is a brilliant musician and podcaster and can be heard on the Zebras In America Podcast with co-host Marcus Pinn. Zebras In America can be found on Twitter @ZebrasPod, and Scott’s music can be found at https://scottthorough.bandcamp.com/.

Kat is the small press editor at the two-time Eisner-winning WWAC (Women Write About Comics), where she also writes criticism, reviews, and tweets; she also has bylines at Shelfdust, Daily Beast, Comics MNT, and more. A mid-thirties Latine in DC, in non-pandemic times you could find her cosplaying as America Chavez and buying old Generation X comics at conventions. Currently, you can hear them on Untitled Tallgeese Podcast  https://twitter.com/tallgeesepod discussing Gundam Wing and the history of fandom on the Internet. Kat can be found on Twitter @dogunderwater.

John Arminio is a fan of comics, heavy metal, and movies and has the opportunity to pedal these passions at Comix Connection in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania. You can find him jabbering on the Internet @QuasarSniffer on Twitter and Instagram.