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Deep Space Dive: a Star Trek Deep Space 9 Podcast: Gul Dukat

Attention Bajoran Workers: This is Now a Gul Dukat Podcast.

Gul Dukat is more than a scenery-chewing space lizard war criminal who looks like Mitt Romney – he’s Star Trek’s most complex villian. Talking about Dukat means talking about colonialism, fragile masculinity, and the interplay between mental health and morality.

And Deep Space Dive is a Star Trek Deep Space Nine podcast all about topics like those. So join Sarah Daniel Rasher and Elana Levin for a deep dive into the text and subtext where few Star Trek podcasts have gone before.

Catch up on past episodes here –

Distrubingly accurate Real Gul Dukat twitter account 

The tumblr post we reference — 

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