Review: Task Force Z #3

Task Force Z #3

Task Force Z has been a surprising comic for me. I went in not knowing much about it and thought it was some other “Elseworlds” type story. Then, figuring it out, the concept of a “zombie” Suicide Squad sounded rather silly. But, with each issue, the series just grows in depth and how much of it is focused on the characters and morality of what’s going on. Task Force Z #3 is a perfect example of that.

Matthew Rosenberg is delivering a series that’s so much better than its rather silly sounding concept. A mysterious organization is raising dead Batman villains using Lazarus resin. To lead this squad, they’ve recruited Jason Todd, aka Red Hood. With villains like Mr. Bloom, Man-Bat, and Bane by his side, Todd has struggled with the whole concept and “humanity” of what’s being done and trying to not be eaten by his squad. There’s been a great balance of action, humor, and horror with each issue. And at its center is the mystery of who’s really calling the shots.

Task Force Z #3 hits all of the major notes as Jason continues to struggle with the concept and makes some demands if things are to continue. There’s also a new mission, a new teammate, and a moment to bond with one team member. It all shows this is a series that cares as much about its characters and their development as it does the action. It also answers who the mysterious voice behind the team really is… and it honestly surprised me a lot.

Eddy Barrows‘ art continues to impress. Barrows is joined by Eber Ferreira on ink, Adriano Lucas on color, and Rob Leigh on lettering. The series has done an amazing job of balancing its traditional superhero action with its horror aspects. The small details make each issue stand apart as we can see where things stand with each character based on their state of decay. It makes you get really engrossed picking out how back to normal a character is and what danger lurks. It’s a small thing that really makes the series. Then add in the action which almost has a dramatic flair about it. Take for instance the end of this particular mission and Red Hood’s actions. It’s a flow from the action but has a moment that lingers and moves Red Hood along as a character. The way Jason stands and how the panels move along are amazing storytelling that ties in everything that makes comics special.

Task Force Z #3 is a fantastic issue with an amazing mix of character development, action, and shocking moments. This issue brings so much together and feels like a major moment in an event before the series wraps up. Where this is going next is unknown but it’s a ride I can’t wait to see more of.

Story: Matthew Rosenberg Art: Eddy Barrows
Ink: Eber Ferreira Color: Adriano Lucas Letterer: Rob Leigh
Story: 8.75 Art: 8.75 Overall: 8.75 Recommendation: Buy

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