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Valiant Reveals Armorclads

Join the battle to restore the flame of honor, justice and order. Valiant Entertainment has revealed Armorclads, an epic boundary breaking new series. Armorclads is created by JJ O’Connor and co-written with Brian Buccellato. It features art by Manuel Garcia, colors by Rex Lokus, and lettering by Dave Sharpe.

Armorclads introduces a grand sci-fi rebellion waged with advanced mechs, promising to uncover long buried secrets of the Valiant Universe and fulfill a destiny defined by legacy. 

In a different solar system, advanced mechs known as Armorclads fight wars and build worlds. Genetically engineered workers on Xeru use construction-class mechs to mine a valuable mineral called The Pure. When one of their own is killed and their world is thrown into chaos, the workers defy their oppressors… and may discover a mystery dating back centuries that could change the world – as long as they band together.

Armorclads is a blockbuster series about the everyday champion. The highly anticipated Year of Valiant delivers the first new launch with Armorclads #1 set to release on March 23rd, 2022 and features covers by Bagus Hutomo, Kael Ngu and Marco Mastrazzo