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X-Men Unlimited Returns to Marvel Unlimited as an Infinity Comic

The fan-favorite Marvel Unlimited anthology series is back! X-Men Unlimited returns on Monday, December 6 in the exclusive Infinity Comic format. X-Men Unlimited #13 kicks off the “X-Men: Paradise Lost” arc, an 8-part storyline set within current Krakoan continuity.

Writer Fabian Nicieza teams with artist Matt Horak, and edited by Jordan White, for X-Men Unlimited’s latest saga! Read the first part of “X-Men: Paradise Lost” in the Marvel Unlimited app now, and read new chapters weekly every Monday.

The nation of Krakoa may be made up of 99.9% mutants, but not every problem is one an X-Gene is perfectly fit to handle. Thankfully, they still have friends out there in the larger world they can call on… friends like the Unstoppable Juggernaut. Oh, and Deadpool, if you can call him a friend.

X-Men Unlimited #13