Destiny of X Delivers New Titles, Team Shakeups, and More!

Rising out of the ashes of Inferno and emerging out of the vital time-travelling mission in X Lives of Wolverine/X Deaths of Wolverine comes The Second Krakoan Age of X-Men: Destiny of X! Mutantkind’s future is reshaped once more, as Krakoa’s greatest triumphs and most crushing challenges still lie ahead. As last week’s “Choose Your Destiny” teasers showed, the possibilities are endless!

This new era will kick off with new titles such as Immortal X-Men, Knights of X, Legion of X, and X-Men Red, a stellar new creative team takeover on Marauders, and revolutionary status quo changes for continuing titles X-Men, X-Force, New Mutants, and Wolverine

Fans can get their first peek at what’s to come in a new promotional image by Leini Francis Yu and Sunny Gho, an epic group shot starring some of the major players of the franchise’s upcoming sagas!

Stay tuned in the days ahead for more details and title announcements!

Destiny of X