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IDW’s “Hall of Deals” Delivers Exclusive Products and Savings for the Holidays

Come explore the Hall of Deals from IDW! All the way to Cyber Monday a magic digital hall will be live at IDW’s website with doors that will unlock daily to reveal new troves of treasure, including comics, graphic novels, and brand-new IDW Online Exclusives of the season’s hottest new releases!

The IDW Hall of Deals can be found at

Additionally, fans are invited to keep an eye out for various codes hidden throughout and IDW Social Media that will provide bonuses. These easy-to-use, one-time use codes are first-come, first-serve. All you have to do is apply one at check out and the discount is applied.
The four types of codes:

  • Discount Codes: Four hidden codes that will provide anywhere from $10 to $50 off your purchase.
  • Free Shipping Code: Two hidden codes that will provide free shipping.
  • Anything Code: One hidden code that, with the purchase of one item, makes a second item of any price absolutely free.
  • Exclusives Code: One hidden code that will grant one lucky customer one (1) free copy of each exclusive item available through our “Exclusive Door”!

The web store closes at 9:00am on Tuesday, November 30th!

IDW Hall of Deals
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