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Super-Articulate: Nova, Mobius, Aurra, and Tech

The stuff never stops rolling out of Hasbro these days, so here’s a bit of housekeeping before I drop a big Eternals piece in time for the movie. That one will include the entirety of the BAF assortment, the deluxe Kro, and the exclusives Thena and Ajak. For today, we have two Marvel exclusives and two Star Wars figures in general release. We’ll hit those first.

Star Wars Black Series: Aurra Sing

I’ve been waiting on this one for some time. The bounty hunter that popped up in Episode I and had a much bigger presence in The Clone Wars (and also apparently got knocked off before Solo) is a distinctive character with an interesting look. I’m a fan of the bounty hunters in general, so this was a natural for me.

I’ll start with weapons first, for once. Sing comes with two dual-trigger blasters and sniper rifle (is it a Fallan hyper-rifle?). These are the obvious, and a great, choices, though it might have been cool to get some trophy lightsaber handles.

As for the overall look, it’s just right, acknowledging the height, her unique hands, and costume details. Of particular note are the holsters (including that excellent chain) and the vest. It’s really strong work, set off by an excellent face sculpt. The head antenna also looks great; I was a bit concerned that it could be damaged during removal from the package, but it turned out just fine. I have to say that the color is really nicely done; outside of pilot outfits, we don’t get a lot of orange, so it’s nice to see this shade rendered with care. Well-done.

Star Wars Black Series: Tech from The Bad Batch

One more member of the Bad Batch down! Like the other figures, Tech comes with multiple accessories which include a backpack, a blaster, and his helmet. The helmet is my favorite part of the figure, due mainly to those large optics. The blast shield does drop over the eyes, which is a detail that I appreciate. The best detail is the tool pouch on the characters left thigh, with exposed and removable tools. That’s just a great touch.

Overall, the body is comparable to the other clones, but the paint apps do a great job of differentiating the look. Like Sing, the holster is well-rendered. The face sculpt, scene here in a couple of photos, is another fine execution based on the animation. I don’t have a ton to say about Tech overall, but it’s a good, solid figure and a fine addition to the line.

Marvel Legends: Target Exclusive Mobius

Getting exclusives from Target has gotten a lot easier, in my opinion. I use the Target app and I have a Red Card, so preorders get made quickly and come with 5% off. I also use the free pick-up option. It certainly worked great for both Thena (coming soon to this space) and Mobius.

Mobius was a totally logical figure to make. He has a big role in Loki, so of course it makes sense to add him. It’s not a hugely exciting figure, but I’m glad it exists. The suit body is the now-familiar buck. I know some people have made fun of the head sculpt online for looking a little like Alex Trebek, but I think they did a fairly decent likeness of Owen Wilson in the role.

The figure comes with two accessories. The first one is the TVA time baton that the group uses as both weapon and transport device. The other is a TVA TemPad. I kind of feel like Mobius got the accessories and not Loki so as to create a value-add for this figure. Loki is Loki; he’ll sell anyway. Whereas, some might be on the fence about Mobius and go over the edge of purchasing because of the extras. Like I said, not hugely exciting, but cool enough. (By the way, if you want to give him a jetski . . . here.)

Marvel Legends: Walgreens Exclusive Nova

No need to hold back. I loathe the Walgreens Exclusive process. They only sporadically make the ML exclusives available online and social media is alive with tales of how much people hate the distribution. And that was PRE-pandemic.

So while there have been lots of reports on people spotting Nova on the East or West Coasts, I live Indiana. We are about the last to get anything, and that’s certainly been true of Nova. When I saw a seller have one for an extremely reasonable price, I jumped on it. Thankfully, that hunt is over. Now I’m on the lookout for Quasar. Sigh.

At any rate . . . hey! This Nova is excellent! The figure comes with “fight” and “flight” hands, but the best extra is Nova Corps member Qubit with a flight stand. It’s a great touch that Hasbro gives us small characters like this from time to time.

This particular Nova is based on the characters classic look and is just a great sculpt overall. It’s really poseable and has some great paint apps. I also like the blue-glow eye effect; it sets this Nova off from other versions. I got this Nova particularly to display with my New Warriors, which I did. While I could have done without fruitless Walgreens searches, the actual figure was worth the wait.