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Review: Rise Of The Djinn #1

Rise of The Djinn #1

The beauty of humanity does not lie in the good deeds we do, but in our daily fight within the beautiful struggle. As we go about our daily lives, it’s the choices we make along the way. It is often small acts like “being slow to anger” or “owing someone your absence”. These are not mere acts of good will, but often an act of self care.

Remembering this fact is often difficult when dealing with life’s many trials and tribulations. It is hard to remain steadfast when you are in the middle of the storm. Only wisdom can show us it is within those trials and tribulations which shape your character. In the debut issue, Rise of The Djinn #1, our protagonist is in the midst of one such “storm”, until some family history suddenly comes to light.

We’re taken to modern day Southern Iraq, where a man is on the run from a pair of Djinn, who is trying to warn him of an oncoming war, that is completely unavoidable, and sides must be taken. The reader is transported to the Anacostia neighborhood in Washington DC, as we meet our protagonist, Detective Tamara Brazile, as she is about to enter a hostage standoff alone, but nothing is what it seems, as a Djinn awaits her in broad daylight, leading to a tragedy where her husband, a fellow police detective gets killed on the scene and to make matters worse, her doctor tells her a few days later, she has stage four breast cancer. As she tries to find meaning in her grieving, she starts to see otherworldly things, like when she saw the Djinn at the hostage standoff, leaving her more bewildered than ever before, leaving her blindly searching for the serial killer who killed her husband that fateful day. To keep her distracted, her Captain puts her on special assignment, with two FBI agents looking for stolen relics from Persia. As they chase down clues, she becomes victim to a tripwire bomb, leaving her body mostly burnt,  and mostly dead, until something g miraculous occurs, her body starts to heal b  itself, unexplainable to any reason modern medicine can provide. By the issue’s end, Tamara realizes she has powers, what she is seeing is real and a new mysterious ally comes to her aid when a pair of Djinn try to ambush her.

Overall, Rise of The Djinn #1 is a fun issue which proves how excellent a storyteller, Kevin Grevioux , really is. The story by Grevioux is action packed. The art by artist Elmo Bondoc, colorist Jorge Cortes, and letterer Taylor Esposito is elegant. Altogether, Rise of The Djinn #1 is a story that comic book fans will enjoy if you like your crime noir with a dash of high fantasy.

Story: Kevin Grevioux Art: Elmo Bondoc
Color: Jorge Cortes Letterer: Taylor Esposito
Story: 9.0 Art: 9.0 Overall: 9.0 Recommendation: Buy

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