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Destiny, NY Returns with Rosi Kämpe taking over art and Jenn St-Onge illustrating the cover!

Destiny, NY, the beloved tale of magical crime and queer romance, will return this week for Volume 2 with the new art team of interior artist Rosi Kämpe and cover artist Jenn St-Onge joining writer Pat Shand, letterer Jim Campbell, and editor Shannon Lee for this next installment in the heartfelt adventure series about star-crossed heroines Logan and Lilith.

What if there was a magical prophecy that you were destined to save the world, and you fulfilled it so young you don’t know what to do with the rest of your life? That’s the problem facing Logan McBride in this grounded story about the magic of young adulthood, star-crossed modern romance, delayed coming of age, and finding your place in a world too busy to notice you.

The second arc of the ongoing series about what happens after a prophecy is completed begins with Destiny, NY #6. 

Logan McBride has been living with Lilith Aberdine, the last surviving daughter of a mystical crime family, for a year.

Now, ghosts from their past are beginning to push in, threatening to tear them apart. 

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