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Bad Idea Drops the Banhammer Over Counterfeit Pins

While so many comic companies have built buzz over the comics, one of the hotter discussion points for Bad Idea has been over pins. The first paying customer for first issues is supposed to receive a “1st” pin. Bad Idea announced weeks ago those pins can be turned in for one of two limited comics. The pins have been going for hundreds of dollars and apparently lead to some nefarious activities.

Yesterday, the publisher sent the below:

What daring! What outrageousness! What insolence! What arrogance! We salute you.

BAD IDEA has been a stain on comics far too long. Demanding clicks to their demigod – The Button. Compelling its followers to worship at the altar of yet-to-open comic book stores, in the pre-dawn light. 

You alone have stood up to BAD IDEA. And what are you? Thieves! 

Which is why we also have to punish you.

See these:

These were both sent to BAD IDEA HQ.

But only one of them is an authentic MONSTER KILL SQUAD First Customer Pin produced by BAD IDEA Labs. The other is a dirty fake, thrust into the heart of BAD IDEA by its very fans in an incredible but futile deception.

You see, beyond the custom pantone gold coloring and the unique epigraph inscription on each edition of the First Customer Pin, we have integrated several layers of microtrace and microprint anti-counterfeit technology. Which means we can tell. And we will catch you.

While we applaud the reckless impudence of the act we lament the foolishness of sending us your full contact details too. No matter, steps have already been taken.

The offending parties are hereby banned from partaking in any future BAD IDEA redemptions, mail-ins, send aways, contests and any and all such programs. Any future attempts to participate will result in the forfeiture of any items sent to BAD IDEA. Any endeavor to circumvent this ruling will result in the loss of any items sent to BAD IDEA and the immediate banning of any individual involved in an attempt at circumvention.

The offending parties, local BAD IDEA Destination Stores have been made aware of these events and have all agreed to ban said parties from purchasing any BAD IDEA related product from their establishments.

These bans are immediate and permanent.

For all you wonderful and virtuous, true BAD IDEA-sters, a reminder that redemptions for the two incredible, brand-new, all-original comics – WEREWOLF and RETIREMENT PLAN – need to be postmarked by tomorrow, September 25th!

Now, with Bad Idea it’s hard to tell what’s hype, what’s marketing, and what’s just outright bullshit. So, anyone willing to come forward that they’ve been banned?

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