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Ablaze Expands its Children/Middle Grade Titles in November with Balbuzar and A Difficult Thing: The Importance of Admitting Mistakes

Ablaze is expanding its Children / Middle Grade titles with a pair of upcoming November releases.

Balbuzar will be released November 24th and is an unforgettable fable about freedom, resistance and power, and an ode to nature and the sea. Gérard Moncomble’s prose deftly balances action, humor, and poetry as the stunningly detailed illustrations by artist, Frédéric Pillot, paint this rousing tale of a pirate. Balbuzar also makes an appropriate gift idea for the 2021 Holiday Season.

In the Sarboucane sea, Balbuzar the pirate reigns supreme. Savage, cruel, and formidable, he also has a certain bonhomie, and a great sense of justice. He lives in harmony with the sea, the islands, the wind, the rocks. Around him, birds, always. Men, women, children…they all love him. For he is free as the air.

But the Empress Pépita XIII is worried about her country’s safety, and Balbuzar’s constant plundering. She sends her navy against him led her best officer, the Commodore. Arrogant, domineering, and relentless, he represents force, order, and law. Balbuzar and the Commodore clash. Two exceptional sailors, two sharp warriors. The fight begins, shattering, tumultuous.

Balbuzar is a story that to delight young and old, with beautiful artwork that bears repeated views to take it all in. Will the pirate be crushed? Cooked in the imperial pot? Or will the cunning pirate find a way to win, like David blasting Goliath?

Ponder the power of an apology with a hardcover release of A Difficult Thing: The Importance of Admitting Mistakes on November 24th. Silvia Vecchini and Saulzo use the power of wordless pictures to communicate one of life’s most important lessons. A discussion guide is also available to complement educational applications.

Every child, at some point, makes mistakes and must learn to deal with and admit those mistakes. This charming, two-tone, wordless picture book deals with that very lesson and shows the power of the word “sorry.” This beautifully rendered volume teaches a lifelong lesson for children and adults alike.

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