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Review: 5 Ronin #2

5 Ronin #2

As a child of the 1980s, I remembered watching the Incredible Hulk, which was one of Marvel’s first live action shows. As a kid, I always thought of him as a sad character. The character of Bruce Banner in the show is a fugitive scientist trying to keep his other self in check. For its time, it was a powerful character study, one that I would not appreciate until I became older.

The movies that came once Marvel decided to put one of their stalwart heroes to the forefront were a mixed bag. The movie with Eric Bana, didn’t quite deliver like fans would have wanted. While the movie with Edward Norton proved to what everyone hoped it would be. In the continuation of the masterful Ronin 5, the Hulk gets the spotlight in what is a unique exploration.

In 5 Ronin #2, we’re taken to 1600 Japan, where a young man and his uncle are looking for a monk to help them with their problem, as bandits keep raiding their village. He refuses as he has taken a vow of peace, but when the villagers try to negotiate with the bandits, things start to fall apart. He comes to their aid, and mobilizes the village against the bandits, leading to a tense standoff, one which would see the village burn.  By issue’s end, then bandits are defeated, the villagers are safe and the monk returns to his quiet life in a monastery.

Overall, 5 Ronin #2 is a great issue which gives this iconic character a much deeper look. The story by Peter Milligan is fun. The art by Tomm Coker and David Aja is stunning. Altogether, a story which will remind many of Shane.

Story: Peter Milligan Art: Tomm Coker and David Aja
Story: 9.0 Art: 9.0 Overall: 9.0 Recommendation: Buy

Purchase: comiXologyKindle

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