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Review: Snow Angels Season Two #3

Snow Angels Season Two #3

Snow Angels second season is here! The trudge through the snow into the unknown has been filled with tension up to this point and the series has pivoted in some ways to being a straight up sci-fi horror. Milli and Mae have stumbled upon a whole new world as they’re still being pursued by the Snowman. What it wants is unknown but the body count it leaves in its wake has been impressive. Snow Angels Season Two #3 ups the tension as the Snowman has come across the mysterious village and it seems nothing can stop it.

What’s impressive about Snow Angels Season Two #3 is Jeff Lemire‘s ability to keep the story simple but tense. The issue is a quick read but it’s full of tension and emotion. Lemire’s story is a horror story. The Snowman is a serial killer stalking its victims much like Jason or Michael Meyers. The setting though is a strange snow covered, cold world.

What Lemire also does so well is show, not tell. There’s so many details packed into the issue as Mae and Milli attempt to flee. There’s pages you’ll linger on attempting to figure out their discoveries. We’re delivered the wonder as they stumble upon it. And what’s teased is world changing in so many ways.

Lemire is helped by the art of Jock whose style works so well with the comic and story. Space is given to let the world and its surroundings to play out. It’s very much like the “astronaut” tease in Alien that has viewers guessing as to what they’ve witnessed. With lettering by Steve Wands all of that plays in the background as the focus is on the terror of everyone being hunted. There’s such emotional, and fear, that plays out and by the end, you’re fearful for Mae and Milli’s fate.

Snow Angels Season Two #3 is another fantastic issue. It really plays to the strengths of comic books using the visuals to tell so much of the story. But brilliantly, so much of that is in the background for readers to spot. It’s acknowledge only briefly, the focus is in the fear and the hunt. With issues to go, this is a series that keeps you guessing as to where it’s going.

Story: Jeff Lemire Art: Jock Letterer: Steve Wands
Story: 8.45 Art: 8.75 Overall: 8.65 Recommendation: Buy

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