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Otakon to Feature Fashion Events Including Guests on Live Remote from Japan

Orakon 2021

Fashion and J-rock music programming events are planned for Otakon 2021, featuring panels on fashion and alt. idols with Senanan; J-rock with Initial’L; and visual kei with LANTANA. These guests will be participating in panels via remote livestream from Japan.

Not just a designer but also a DJ, Senanan wears many faces. She has been featured as a model in publications such as “KERA!,” “FRUiTS,” “Koakuma ageha,” “SHUTTER,” and “Tokyo GraffiT” and has also been featured on TV.

Senanan designs her own brand, QissQill, and is a charisma blogger. Most recently, she has made appearances at famous events as an extensive crossover DJ, featuring idol, anime, and loud scene songs. Senanan was also active in Strawberry Syndrome, which features Rinahamu, formerly of the idol group BiS. Rinahamu was a member of the group CY8ER.

Senanan now designs for her brands XRN (pronounced Heren), sister brand of KRY clothing, and QissQill. She also produces the idol group RIPLIE.

Initial’L (formerly visual kei band Lycaon) is a four-person rock band with Yu-ki on vocals, Satoshi and ZERO on guitar, and Ichiro on drums. They started in 2016, and since then, they have released three singles, a mini album, and a full album. Initial’L stands out in the current rock scene for transcending genre barriers.

In 2017, Initial’L embarked on their first tour, FIREFLYTOUR: Road to BLITZ, playing 18 shows all over Japan. The final show of the tour was held at Mynavi Akasaka BLITZ. In July of 2018, they released their third single, “Can You Feel It?” and in September of that same year, their first full album, “Initialize,” came out. Along with the release of “Initialize,” they set off on the Initialize tour, where they played six shows in five locations all across Japan.

In 2019, Initial’L made their U.S. debut at Katsucon in National Harbor, MD.

LANTANA is a loud rock visual kei band based in Tokyo. Despite their intense sound and a dark visual kei mask, their songs feature pleasant hooks, with melodies that grab listeners’ attention.

LANTANA started in July of 2015. In December of the same year, they released their first mini album and held a Tohoku region tour. In February of 2016, they held their first sponsored event. With their next sponsored events held consecutively in June, July, and August, LANTANA released their first single.

In May of 2017, LANTANA’s second single was released, and in July, they held their first single-act event. In February of 2019, LANTANA made their international debut at Katsucon for the event’s 25th anniversary in National Harbor, MD, in the U.S. In September of 2019, LANTANA released three singles internationally with the help of Gan-Shin Records.

Otakorp thanks Chaotic Harmony Imports, which features official visual kei and idol merchandise from Japan, for helping to coordinate these events.

Chaotic Harmony Imports was created in early 2016 after seeing the high demand for visual kei merchandise that is often sold exclusively in Japan and hard to obtain. Understanding this gap, the founders of Chaotic Harmony came together to use their extensive knowledge, experience, and connections in order to help fans more easily obtain merchandise while still supporting the artists.

By utilizing the staff’s connections with management companies, labels, and artists, Chaotic Harmony Imports is able to purchase goods directly from the bands, which supports the artists and allows for a cheaper means of importation. Likewise, considerable market research was done prior to creating the company, which allows for Chaotic Harmony’s staff to understand the fans and their wants.

In 2017, Chaotic Harmony organized their first convention event with Avanchick at Tokyo in Tulsa. Since then, they have organized more than a dozen live concerts and fashion shows, as well as orchestrating online events.

Otakon takes place August 6-8 at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center in our nation’s capital of Washington, DC.

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