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Review: Yeehaw Blue #3

Yeehaw Blue #3

The way the world forces certain people into our lives is almost always remarkable.  It is also befuddling why certain people you meet, you really ever get along with. Case and point, a job I was recently at, this one person, where we were the same age, same situation and yet we did not connect. Then it dawned on me exactly why and I now consider that a blessing.

As I soon realized this person was of low character and often was considered one of the organization’s “snitches”. On the same token, someone who came at me with initial apprehension at a different job became one of my best friends.AS who gets dropped into your life is both a wondrous and beautiful coincidence of living. In the third issue of Yeehaw Blue, Reya meets someone who will become one of her best friends.

We find Kia Johnson, an unassuming young woman, at school where some of the mean girls are trying to have their fun with her, something that they would come to regret. We also find Reya back at school in Ms.Blikeson’s office, where her nonconformist attitude gets her in trouble. Both Kia and Reya meet and get along famously. By the issue’s end, though both of them end up at the Dean’s office, they find a similar spirit in each other.

Overall, an enjoyable episode that injects some levity into the story. The story by the creative team is exhilarating. The art by Jones is striking. Altogether, a story that shows that even misfits are only that to people who don’t understand.

Story: Shay Jones, Johnny O’Bryant, Marcus Johnson, and Corey Mikkell Art: Shay Jones
Story: 9.0 Art: 9.0 Overall: 9.0 Recommendation: Buy

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