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Conquer the Battlerealm With Overseer on Marvel Contest of Champions

Break out of the multiverse and become champion with ORIGINAL-character Overseer as he enters The Contest in Kabam’s MARVEL Contest of Champions. Here is a quick bio of the character’s in-game story:

A younger version of Maestro from an alternate reality that is equal in every way, except he still maintains his sanity. The Overseer has just started his conquering career and while he isn’t villainous, he’s not quite noble either. He uses Captain America’s shield for defense, and the Silver Surfer board as a giant cleaver, but his most powerful weapon is a copy of the Infinity Gauntlet that holds the Cosmic Cube, which he uses to travel across the Battlerealm looking for conquest.

Take a look at Overseer’s Champion Spotlight, which details his abilities, history, strengths and recommended masteries. Other MARVEL Contest of Champions updates, including bug fixes, balance updates, Grandmaster’s Gauntlet, Queen Haasen’s Langurian Castle Rifts challenges and more can be found HERE.

ALSO! In celebration of Pride, digital artist Kevin Wada teamed up with Kabam to create an exclusive art piece that celebrates all Champions – see below for Kevin’s rendition of X-Men’s Iceman.