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Review: Nuclear Power #2

Nuclear Power #2

Nuclear Power #2 delivers some answers to the mysteries set up in the first issue. It also adds so much danger and tension to the series. In the second issue, Claudia agrees to go with Reed and Iris in an effort to protect her patient, Lucy. Through that, we’re able to learn more about the Variants’ unnatural abilities and some of the secrets the American Union holds.

Desirée Proctor and Erica Harrell do a solid job of balancing the aspects of the comic. We get some solid action in an escape, some answers, and a setup of something nefarious. The trio of focuses really helps balance the second issue with a nice variation to the narrative.

What Nuclear Power #2 does really well is deliver some answers. It’d have been easy to drag out who the Variants are and what they want. Instead, the creative team gives us some answers. Though rather simple, they help set up the various sides and allows the reader to better understand who the villains are.

The issue is a little bumpy in one sense in the action sequence. After delivering some solid moments it just kind of shifts and we accept everyone escapes without really showing us how. With the way things were going, it’d have been nice to have seen that to give a bit more information about the sequence and the world. I found myself lingering on that aspect a bit more than I probably should have.

The art continues to be fantastic. Lynne Yoshii provides the art which feels like a cross between Des Taylor and Batman: The Animated Series. It’s a fantastic style and delivers a world that feels like there’s some thought put into it as to how it’d differ from ours. The issue feels like it falls a bit more into the Batman: The Animated Series side of the style, especially in the action and Variants. That’s a good thing as that show’s look is iconic and helps build out the details of the world.

Nuclear Power #2 is another solid issue. It’s really set things up well and I have no idea what direction it plans to go. It could easily veer into a more X-Men type story. It could also stick to its more grounded aspects of a world controlled by the military. Hopefully, it finds a nice balance between those as it’s done so far. There’s a lot to come based off this issue making this a series to really keep your eye on so you don’t miss out.

Story: Desirée Proctor, Erica Harrell Art: Lynne Yoshii
Story: 8.5 Art: 8.5 Overall: 8.5 Recommendation: Buy

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