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Review: The Marvels #1

The Marvels #1

The Marvels #1 is the beginning of a sprawling new epic spanning decades of Marvel history. Where Marvels focused on the view of the Marvel Universe from the average person’s perspective, The Marvels is another massive story from the perspective of the heroes.

And with a sprawling story, The Marvels #1 kicks things off in 1947 taking us through modern times. It’s a choppy delivery of short stories that clearly all will connect with each other at some point down the road. But, for now it’s setup and due to that, things don’t feel rather satisfying. While some moments leave an interesting mystery, others feel like they just hang there. Some storyline segments already connect, while others feel like they’re from a different series or issue. Writer Kurt Busiek delivers an interesting history but the execution is choppy without a solid flow to it. It’s a little frustrating as the debut issue hops from one focus to another with some not playing out long enough to feel satisfying.

The transitions between segments has issues as well. There just isn’t a flow between so many of them giving off a feel of a hard cut and transition instead of a natural experience. It’s hard and abrupt as we jump from one focus to another. An example would be the segment between Thor and Iron Man transitioning to Captain America’s story compared to Schumer’s story surrounded by the Punisher’s. There’s a bit of transition in the latter example and none in the former, though even the latter has issues.

Yildiray Cinar‘s art is decent. There’s a classic feel to it in many ways with a look that fits more in the 1980s than 2021. With color by Richard Isanove and lettering by Simon Bowland the issue’s art misses a dynamic aspect. There’s some sequences that could really pop but never quite stand out on the page. It’s not bad at all but there’s a classic style about it that readers will probably be split on. For an epic story, the art just doesn’t match it on that grand scale. For an opening statement, the art doesn’t deliver. Bowland’s lettering too has a retro feel about it at times. It handles the dialogue well with some creative choices but overall feel like something from years’ past.

The Marvels #1 is an ok start. There’s nothing inherently bad about it but it also doesn’t deliver the experience that’s set up. This is a grand story but the issue feels like a series of short stories that don’t connect in a cohesive way. The issues when they come together may be quite different when read together but this one is a bit of a snooze to start. It’s a jumble of concepts that never comes together.

Story: Kurt Busiek Art: Yildiray Cinar
Color: Richard Isanove Letterer: Simon Bowland
Story: 6.5 Art: 6.75 Overall: 6.6 Recommendation: Read

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