Review: The Silver Coin #1

The Silver Coin #1

The Silver Coin #1 kicks off a new horror anthology revolving around… a silver coin. Taking place in 1978, The Silver Coin #1 follows a down on their luck rock band. With disco the popular music of the time, their sound doesn’t go over and they linger. Then, the guitarist finds a coin in a box which he uses as a pick for his playing. This small coin changes everything and soon they’re packing the house. But, like every good horror story, there’s a catch.

The Ticket” is written by Chip Zdarsky who captures some tragic magic in his story. The characters aren’t likable but you still feel empathy for them. Things aren’t going well and despite the work, the band is lingering. This is something that so many of us experience in different ways. But, disco isn’t totally to blame for that and Zdarsky gives us enough friction that the eventual issues that arise aren’t surprising or come out of left field. He delivers an escalation to the finale that’s logical steps but nonetheless tragic.

Michael Walsh handles multiple roles providing the art, colors, and lettering. All of it is solid and Walsh’s style fits the rock and roll focus of the issue. There’s a grittiness to it that really fits the subject. But, it’s the subtle things that Walsh includes in his art that stand out. There are subtle hints at the tragedy to come as the story progresses that only adds to the sad tale. It’s these small details that really help build the horror vibe of it all. There’s also a focus on the story’s characters that really works. The art doesn’t play gotcha with unnecessary scares in the art. What it does is subtle and overall enhances the story.

The Silver Coin #1 is a solid start to an interesting anthology. The end I expect leads in to what’s next and has me wanting to read more. This series might work a bit better as graphic novel or trade but as presented it has you wanting to find out what happens next but also appreciate its one and done nature.

Story: Chip Zdarsky Art: Michael Walsh
Color: Michael Walsh Letterer: Michael Walsh
Story: 9.0 Art: 9.0 Overall: 9.0 Recommendation: Buy

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