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Second Printing Of Taarna, The Last Taarakian #1 To Debut Exclusively From Heavy Metal

Heavy Metal has announced that they will be exclusively selling a second printing of Taarna, The Last Taarakian #1, the first issue of the bestselling series about the venerable science fiction, fantasy, and horror magazine’s flagship character from the 1981 animated film, brought to life by writer Stephanie Phillips and art by Patrick Zircher. This special edition will also have eight pages of additional content, including a special “Script to Final Page” feature with script excerpts by writer Stephanie Phillips.

The first printing of the first three issues of the hit series Taarna, The Last Taarakian have completely sold out. With overwhelming demand from retailers and fans, Heavy Metal will be releasing the second printing of Taarna, The Last Taarakian #1 to retailers exclusively as a direct order. This special printing will include a one-of-a-kind cover, illustrated by mega-popular cover artist Peach Momoko.

This August will mark the 40th anniversary of Taarna’s debut in the landmark Heavy Metal film. In Taarna, The Last Taarakian #1, writer Stephanie Phillips breathes powerful new life into the iconic and beloved character, bringing her into the modern era with a strong voice. In Phillips’ groundbreaking series, the flagship character returns in a new story of cosmic mystery, as she battles throughout the multiverse in her war against Kako, the embodiment of chaos. This is the tale of a millenia-old battle between godlike beings, with all sentient life caught in their path.

The second printing of Taarna, The Last Taarakian #1 will only be available exclusively from Heavy Metal and will not be carried by any other distributors, so please reach out to your Heavy Metal representative to place your order. Retailers can also use the signup form on Heavy Metal’s website.

Individual copies of the second printing of Taarna, The Last Taarakian #1 can also be purchased on the Heavy Metal shop page.

Taarna, The Last Taarakian #1 Peach Momoko cover
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