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Get a Look at Nick E. Tarabay as Eclipso in Stargirl

As Stargirl‘s first season came to a wrap, we got the hint that Eclipso would be coming to the show for its second season.

The classic villain will play a big role when the show returns this summer to The CW and will be play by Nick E. Tarabay.

This isn’t the first time Tarabay has played a DC character. Tarabay also played Digger Harkness, aka Captain Boomerang, in three episodes of Arrow.

This is the first time the character has been brought to live action.

Eclipso is a classic character who has been imprisoned within a black diamond called the Heart of Darkness. He’s able to take possession of anyone who holds a shard of the diamond and has hatred in their heart. Once he’s possessed someone, he can take control of anyone by just looking at them allowing his control to spread quickly. Since the entire Justice League or Justice League Dark has been needed to take the character down in the comics, how will Courtney Whitmore, aka Stargirl, stop him?

Nick E. Tarabay as Eclipso