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It’s the Wedding of Doctor Doom this June

Reed Richards and Sue Storm. Scott Summers and Jean Grey. These iconic Marvel Comics weddings will pale in comparison to the Wedding of Doctor Doom!

This June, writer Dan Slott and artist R.B. Silva invite readers to attend the nuptials of Victor Von Doom and his most devoted and noble subject, Victorious in Fantastic Four #33. The second chapter in the upcoming “Bride of Doom” arc, Fantastic Four #33 will feature guest stars galore such as Prince Namor and Black Panther and pack a gut punch of an ending that no one will see coming. Just in time for the 60th anniversary of Marvel’s First Family, “The Bride of Doom” arc is just the latest thrill ride in Slott and Silva’s masterful run on Fantastic Four and promises to be the next iconic story in the Fantastic Four mythos.

Check out Mark Brooks’ cover below and don’t dare to miss Fantastic Four #33 when it hits stands on June 2nd!

Fantastic Four #33