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Black Cat Gets Her Claws on the Infinity Gauntlet. Wait. What!?

The truth about the Infinity Stones will come to light this summer in “Infinite Destinies“! Shown at the ComicsPro retailer event, Pepe Larraz’s cover for Black Cat #8 reveals that someone new is trying to get their hands on the most important artifacts in the Marvel Universe. Felicia Hardy’s next heist will be for none other than the Infinity Stones, and she won’t be the only character seeking to wield their power. The “Infinite Destinies” event will run through a series of eight Annuals this June but the titanic clash for the stones is heating up now in the pages of Jed MacKay’s hit run on Black Cat. And the aftermath will have major repercussions on the series moving forward!

Check out the cover, interior artwork from artist C.F. Villa, and stay tuned in the coming weeks for more information on “Infinite Destinies” as the chase for the Infinity Stones begins!

Black Cat #8