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Amazing Spider-Man #55 Returns to Comic Shops with a New Printing

Amazing Spider-Man #55 continues to be one of the hottest single issues on stands, and Marvel has announced that this sold-out issue will receive a third printing. Returning to comic shops on March 10th, the Amazing Spider-Man #55 third printing variant cover will continue the now iconic series of “webhead” style covers by Patrick Gleason. These striking illustrations have mesmerized fans, making this phenomenal issue a must-have for collectors and Spider-Man fans everywhere!

The latest issue in Nick Spencer’s hit run, Amazing Spider-Man #55 was packed with shocking developments that will forever change the way readers see Harry Osborn, Norman Osborn, and even Peter Parker himself. And the fallout from Kindred’s master plan is just beginning. Be sure to pick up one the most groundbreaking Spider-Man issues in recent memory when the Amazing Spider-Man Third Printing Variant Cover hits stands on March 10th!

AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #55 Third Printing Variant