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TV Review: Snowpiercer S2E1 The Time of Two Engines

Snowpiecer Season 2 "The Time of Two Engines"

When the first season of Snowpiercer ended, the train was met by a mysterious second train. The impact was massive in numerous ways completely changing the dynamic of the world and what we know. “The Time of Two Engines” kicks things off with an episode full of action, tension, and a dance to show who’s in control.

Snowpiercer 998, cars strong vs. Big Alice, 40 cars long. The immediate impact by the introduction of this “super train” is seen right away. Snowpiercer’s power is generated by its movement. With it dead on the track, that’s no longer an option leading to the immediate threat of lack of power and the train and its people freezing. Its systems have been shut down as well, hijacked by the larger train. Big Alice shows its strength with an ability to give and take the live of Snowpiercer and the people within. And Big Alice has demands.

The train, which should be prepared like Snowpiercer, opens with a list of demands. Why do they need this items?

So many questions are raised within the first few moments of the newest season of Snowpiercer, not just by the demands of Mr. Wilford and his train but also some of its inhabitants. “The Time of Two Engines” is all about setting things up for the new season and showing who holds what cards and where the power lies.

The new train creates a massive dynamic change as well.

The tail is no longer the tail. It’s now the border between the two trains and groups. The tail is now one of the most important pieces of real estate in all of the trains. It’s a zone of defense. It’s a zone to prepare offense. The tailies are now the first line of defense against whatever Big Alice has waiting for them.

The episode is a fascinating one as the two worlds combat each other dealing with their new reality. Mr. Wilford wants his train back exclaiming Melanie stole it. Melanie exclaims there’s a new dynamic for the train and the people within and Wilford’s vision no longer works. The scenes between these two are full of information fleshing out the character of Mr. Wilford giving us a solid idea as to what type of person he is.

The episode is a dance between forces and personalities. Melanie representing Snowpiercer. Mr. Wilford representing Alice. Caught in between are the inhabitants of each train. The most intriguing factor is Melanie’s daughter, alive, she works for Mr. Wilford as his Engineer.

“The Time of Two Engines” is a hell of a start to the season. It takes the series in a whole new direction with a new, logical threat, while not missing its underlying themes established in the first season. It’s the strongest episode of the series so far and points to a fantastic season.

Overall Rating: 9.0